Born Savage

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Born Savage was started in 2003 by Isaiah “Zeke” Moore and J.R. They where started under the blessing of Curtis Black as foot soldiers for Black Squad. They would fight for there independents to be recognized as it's own independent camp in 2005. They also would fight against a percentage of the camps until 2006. They rose on top with Zeus sitting at the chair as the highest rank member in 2008. Zeus would use his Born Savage membership to enforce and reform Black Squad as Holo218 Families. In 2007 Born Savage split into two force Born Savage and Born Sage when Zeus left to be the face of Black Squad. They would reform as one in 2009. With a laid back founder Born Savage is still known as the most violated and distanced gang ever formed under Black Squad. Born Savage stayed independent from Holo until the Zoner Nation war. They was brought under the Holo banner when Zeus placed them as a branch. But they are still known as a independent but have sworn loyalty to the UL. Born Savage is a unorganized gang and many are thought to be savages since many don't care to live or die. They have a close family presence from there struggle and this has been there keystone to there survival. They are credited with the rise off of a founding member. J.R was beat to death and in retaliation for his murder Born Savage members found the men and beat them to death and spray painted “Black Squad was here” and “Born Savage”. This crude brutality has since been used to insert there power and willingness to use extreme violations to there means of gain and influence. There name was born by J.R while chilling with Zeke. While hanging out Zeke said “The world thinks of us as savages”, and in return of that comment J.R meet that by saying “We born savage”. This has since been disputed over to be fact or folklore. They are now a camp under Black Squad Mafia Holo Families.