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*'''[[K-Lee]]''' <small>(Song title: Holdin' On)</small>
*'''[[K-Lee]]''' <small>(Song title: Holdin' On)</small>
*'''[[Keith Murray]]''' <small>(Song title: Ladies)</small>
*'''[[Keith Murray]]''' <small>(Song title: Ladies)</small>
*'''[[Dae Writer]]''' <small>(Song title: Ladies)</small>
*'''[[4 By Four]]''' <small>(Song title: Ladies)</small>

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Bronx House Music Group

Bronx House Music Group LLC is an American hip-hop and R&B independent record label or indie record label based in New York and founded in 2010 by Anthony (Iyce) Shropshire, Philip (Dom) Arnold and Grayden Darrel Shropshire Jr. operating without the funding of, or outside the organizations of the major record labels.

After listening to a young talented Bronx rapper named D-MOST the label quickly signed him as their first Rap act and brought the rapper on as owner/partner. The label released its debut song Gee'd Up by D-MOST as a vehicle song.


  • Anthony "Iyce" Shropshire
  • Philip "Dom" Arnold
  • Grayden Darrel Shropshire Jr.


Affiliated artist

Affiliated producers

  • D-Man
  • Ty Stick
  • Dayzel




External links: Bronx House Music Group website