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  1. To make a car with hydraulics bump. "Why you gotta pull me over... cause I'm bumpin'" -- Warren G. (I Shot The Sheriff).
  2. A line of cocaine or any other snortable drug.
  3. To have sexual intercourse: "Lemme bump it". It is used by a male that wants to have sexual intercourse with a female. It is like saying "lemme hit it" but instead of hit use bump.
  4. To fight, e.g. "She was runnin' her mouth so we're 'bout to bump"
  5. To listen to music. "What track you bumpin to?
  6. The bumps caused by herpes on a female's vagina. "Dat mad bitch done got bumps all ova dat pussy, mothafucka!"

- To BUMP a topic (in forum) to post in it so it will be at the top of the page