Cobra Heights Syndicate

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Cobra Heights Syndicate

Founded By Chico “C-Dawg” Nero and Carlos “Fi Fe” Gonzalez and a various of gang leaders

Active Years 1962-present

Territory Various neighborhoods in America, Central America and Canada

Ethnicity Mostly Latin-American, Hispanic and few blacks

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Human Trafficking, Home Invasion, Embezzlement, Drug Smuggling, Tax Street, Dog Fighting, Murder, Contract Murder, Conspiracy, Assault, Gun Smuggling, Illegal Gambling and Illegal Counterfeit

Allies Nuestra Familia, Warriors gang, Surface, Latin Courts and various other gangs

Rivals Mercy Street Families, Zoner Nation, the Players gang, Hoodlums gang, Bloods, Crips, People Nation, Folk Nation and Flat City Royals

Before the Cobra Heights was created they we're split into two rival gangs. The first was started in 1962 by Carlos “Fi Fe” Gonzalez. His friends and himself banded together to start a music band. Seeing a large presences of racism in the music industry they converted to a street gang. They would take the name Latin Fi Funks until 1971 when they change it into Latin Tornado's. In the 1980's they we're struck with inside beef between each others wants to raise as self leaders. Just to make it worst there newest leader Antonio "G Baby" Lopez started a war between the new homegrown gang the Latin Pits. The Cobra Pits was started by Chico “C-Dawg” Nero. He was inspired by the Latin Courts a Chicago homegrown gang. As he recruited heavily amongst the Latin people eventually gaining a territory with a hill that dipped. Members would call it the pit and from there they're gang and turf was known as the Cobra's Pits. Chico's gang was first known as neutral and only operated in and around there territory advancing from petty crime to other ventures to make money. For unknown reason the Latin Tornado's began to attack Chico and friends. To combat this they declared war on the streets leading a lot of members of each fraction to get beat with sticks and get chased into stores for safety. Both gangs began to grab allies to help their interest. The Cobra Pits created the Cobra Heights Syndicate affiliation. This war would continue all the way into 2000, the Latin Tornado's would be pushed into a corner with membership on the decline and money dried up. They called for a cease fire and fell under the Cobra Pit's affiliation in good nature. In 2009 the Cobra Pits and Latin Tornado's shifted from two major separate gangs into card gangs under the Cobra Heights Syndicate breaking into more cards that same year. With there membership predominantly Latino they looked to expand in membership with other races. To help this there rivals Mercy Street Families offered peace through a joint affiliation with Black Squad Mafia Holo Families under the 55 Syndicate banner. Since there joining they would work with the warriors during a short time of war amongst the other gangs under the banner. During so they've rekindled there beefing between the Mercy Street Families and Hoodlums. They have a known and standing affiliation with the Warriors gang 19 Glen Road Projects known as the Packers Affiliation. This name is derived from they're colors they use yellow and green. In 2013 they left the Zoner Nation to form Surface now rival to the Zoner Nation.


The Cobra's colors are yellow, gray and black. In which they show this through San Antonio Spur's attires. They also use the Spur's as a acronym for Syndicate Pride Under Real Soldiers. Since the two forming into a joint affiliation they've continued to jump in members for 60 seconds. They also have there own oath and laws that members must follow. They don't wear bandana's because they don't like being mistaken for Latin Kings. With there rank structure they also hold a card structure for members ranging in age and years survived.


Latin Twisters(Tornado's)/Cobra Pits)

Black Cobra

Baby Cobra Twister


  • Senior Chief
  • Chief
  • War Chef
  • Senior Captain
  • War Captain
  • Captain
  • Warrior
  • Soldiers

The senior chief once was a rank under the tornado's but has since acted as the Cobra Heights Syndicate title for leader. They are the highest rank member and sits in the place for the gang in the cabin meeting seeing to it's interest and values. The chief is second and command and oversees the split gangs under the Cobra's affiliation. War chief's are made to work as advisers as well as the people to make sure there weapon stock stay's at a steady and reasonable level. Senior captains are the street leaders overseeing the street view of the gangs interest. War captains are made to make sure fall under the senior captain just and case something happens as well as handles the business for the senior. They act as the advisers between he soldiers and seniors. They are usually placed in charged of important hits too. Captains are the crew leaders who control a crew of 20 to 40 warriors and soldiers. They are in charge of street influence and business that they are allow and are placed in by the higher ranks. Under them is warriors who enforce bylaws, murders and jumpin's. Last are the soldiers who handle everything that's hand to them no questions ask. They work in this position until the higher ups are ready for them to move up in levels.