Condotta Mafia

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Condotta Mafia

Founded In Carson, California

Founded By Olympic “Big Rank” Jordan Hoover

Years Active 1950-present

Territory California, Maine, New York, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Vermont, Connecticut and Washington

Ethnicity Mixed

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Racketeering, Extortion, Illegal Street Racing, Robbery, Contract Killing, Bookmaking, Home Invasion, Murder, Gun Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, Extortion, Street Protection, Illegal Gambling, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering, Pornography, Identity Theft, Conspiracy, Sex Escort, Dog Fighting and Drug Trafficking.

Allies Pee Wee Mafia, Zoe Pound, Black Guerrilla Family, Surface, Bloods, Crips, Hoover Criminals, Black Disciple, Black P. Stone, Piru and the Invisible Hand

Rivals Various gangs


The Condotta's started as the Young Black Brothers in Carson, California during the 1950's. They we're started by 5 cousins that shared the same idea's. But Olympic Jordan Hoover is recognized as the leader and most known person, so he is single handle credited as the founder. The word Condotta is deprived from the park Murphy Williams Condotta they held meeting at. Their membership was gain near a apartment around the park. They would battle control during the white flight with white gangs and eventually Hispanic's. Around 1957 the Young Black Brothers gang moved there influence to Compton, California. They would evolve into a larger gang battling with other black gangs for control of neighborhoods. To expand further out Olympic moved away from California to Maine with his family. He set up a independent gang with his cousin's. They would go by the park that YBB occupied. They would be known as the Condotta Brothers. They would set up a structure by age of each other. Just as they we're set up so did they're counterparts. They would help create a strong hold with the help of there female cousins. They would gain the name the Condotta Sisters. As the civil rights movement advance through the years so did there membership. They would reach parts of New York and Missouri. In 1968 after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they shifted with the times to the Black Panther Power movement. Just as they shifted so did there membership declining with most younger members dropping their flag to join up with the Black Panther's. They also began getting out powered by other rival gangs. In the hopes to gain the attention of more members they renamed themselves the Condotta Fraternity and aligned themselves with a newer gangs occupying the same space. This gangs were the Condotta Park Projects, Condotta Hoover Kids and Insane Condotta Block. Smaller gangs joined in later years with the interest of sharing the same rivals. In late 1983 Olympic was found dead in the back alleys of the Condotta apartments. Richard " Fat Rich" Hoover the cousin of Olympic was the new leader. He was said to have been the worst leader of the gang and spun them into a downward spiral through bad drug deals that cost a lot of his members to be thrown in jail. So he was removed as leader in the 90's and replaced by his step brother Mardy "Half Way" Brooks. Mardy restructured them and created a blood oath. He also created a drug route to maximize his empire which by then was rejuvenated. He would continue these actives as leader until 2007 when he was caught and convicted of conspiracy, drug trafficking and murder. The gang then voted Barry “Fold” Hoover the second oldest son to Olympic Hoover. Barry was only credited for aligning the Condotta's with Holo218 and the 55 Syndicate. He was sentence to 15 years for drug trafficking January 15, 2010. Since his imprisonment war has broken out between fractions loyal to Joseph "Bag's" Townsend and Gordy " Threesome" Rodgers nephew of Barry Hoover over leadership. This war has claimed the lives of 9 people including the death of Joseph. With the death of Joseph Jackie Joey stepped in his place as fraction leader. But he has since been in and out of jail until taking a conviction that has him facing 3 years. Jackie appointed John “German” Bobby as the acting leader in his place. John would enlist help from Pee Wee Mafia. They created a safe fraction known as the Condotta Mafia. Since then Gordy lost influence and the Condotta's renamed the whole gang from the Condotta Fraternity to Condotta Mafia. They left the Zoner Nation in 2013 in have since joined rival Surface.


The Condotta's call each other Con's but doesn't rep and colors or territory. They don’t even have a jump in requirement for members to join. Must members join through another member who must go to the adviser. They are then put through a trail of events to see if they have the heart to rep. After they have pass there trail they are welcomed in through a ceremony known as the “Secret Den”. This is said to have been started during the time of the fraternity name. Nothing known about what goes on at the ceremony of them being brought in but after they are brought in. They are given the rank of a soldier. They are also said to have brung the ceremony to Holo which in turn uses two types to bring members in. One for Holo and the other for the cabin.

Major Sub Gang


Condotta Park Projects

Condotta Hoover Kids

Insane Condotta Block

39th Half Side City Crew

Sun Shine Block Roadies

Southside Condotta's

Westside Condotta's

54st Circle Condotta's (Eastside)


  • Board of Directors
  • President
  • Ambassador
  • Adviser
  • Finance Lord
  • General
  • Soldiers

The board of directors are a collection of presidents which all have a unified voted on important issues. Under the board of directors are presidents that control each and every aspect of territory they maintain for Condotta Mafia's interest. Under them are ambassador who where first installed as messenger on the behave of the Condotta's to settle any order given to them between other gangs. But has since served as messenger and representative for the Condotta's interest while serving in the cabin. Advisers are counselors and peacemakers during issues between members. Under them are finance lords that handles all the finances of the gang and must make sure the gang has a steady flow of cash. Under them are generals that operate under commands of the presidents as well as keep the underling under control. Soldiers are the lowest members and follow every order that's given to them.


Face(Fuck All Condotta's Everywhere)