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Referred to as 'Crimedale' by local youth, Cromdale is an older inner city residential neighbourhood in north east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley. There was extensive redevelopment in the neighbourhood during the 1960s when several apartment buildings were constructed. Approximately one out of ten (10%) residences in the neighbourhood were constructed before the end of World War II. Two out of three residences (66.6%) were constructed during the 1960s and 1970s when several apartment buildings were constructed in the neighbourhood. A number of residences were constructed between 1946 and 1960 (8.7%) and after 1980 (14.6%). The majority of residents live in rented apartments and apartment style condominiums. Single family dwellings are a minority, constituting only 14% of all residences. The neighbourhood has highly irregular boundaries. It is bounded on the south by the North Saskatchewan River Valley, the west boundary is 84 Street, and the north west boundary is the Canadian National Railway right of way. The Kinnaird Ravine divides the neighbourhood almost in half. For a long time the Cromdale Hotel has plagued the 118 Ave area and surrounding community. The hotel provided an environment to house a criminal element that spilled out into the neighbouring streets and terrorized local residence. Gangs known to frequent the area include the Alberta Warriors, Crazy Dragons and Crazy Dragon Killaz among others.


Cromdale Still Stands