Deep Pockets

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Deep Pockets

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Who would ever imagine that a tiny vision shared by three young men could become a whole movement supported by an entire city? This is exactly what happened for the members of Deep Pockets, an inner city Toronto rap group which consists of members Tek, Young Tony, and J-Pockets. "We chose that name 'cause it represents our current situation, you know? And it also represents our long-term goals. Like, Deep Pockets can mean, we want more, 'cause our pockets aint never gonna fill up. But it can also mean, I'm rich nigga. Which is what we all plan to be in the next 5 years." - Young Tony

The group started rapping together about two and a half years ago, but individually, they've been rapping for about three and a half years. They put in work sharpening their skills by recording songs on bare minimum equipment, and giving it out for free on the streets and the Internet. "We sent some girls to radio shack to steal a microphone for us, and we plugged that bad boy in, and start rapping like we had a record deal. Tony was nice with that computer shit, so everything worked out nice. Mad hood niggas would ask us for the newest shit." - Tek

But just as things started looking like they were gonna get better, group members J-Pockets and Tek went to jail for armed robbery charges. They were sentenced to 12 months, 9 of which we're spent in a boot camp. They continued the Deep Pockets movement while incarcerated by spreading the name amongst inmates and participating in yard battles.

Meanwhile, Tony was still on the streets pushing the Deep Pockets name across the city. Full Bio


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