Diggy Simmons

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Diggy Simmons is a rapper from Queens New York. He is the son of hip hop legend, and former member of rap group Run DMC, Rev Run, the younger brother of rapper JoJo Simmons, the older brother of Russ Simmons, younger brother of Angela Simmons, and Vanessa Simmons, nephew of Def Jam Recordings ceo, and Adidas(clothing)/Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons, and nephew of Kimora Lee Simmons, he is the cousin of Kenzo Simmons, Aoki Simmons, and Ming Simmons.

Side Notes

  • Diggy Simmons is well known for his on again off again feud with fellow rapper J. Cole, due to the fact J. Cole dissed Diggy's older sister Vanessa Simmons, claiming he slept with her, when he really didn't. Diggy has since fired several diss shots at J. Cole, but J. Cole has yet to reply.