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43 (Tray), 42 (Deuce), 48 Gangster Crips "Hit up". The 4 Pacc were the first Gangster Crip alliance to coin the phrase "Moving Gang", which is now used in reference to all Gangster Crips.

The 43 Gangster Crips (or simply the "Four Trays") are a large and infamous African American street gang founded on the east side of Los Angeles, California. This gang has the distinction of being one of the oldest active Crip gangs in Los Angeles and was established by former members of Raymond Lee Washington's East Side Crips. With its roots as a faction of the original East Side Crips, the 4-Trays are the first "Tray (3x)" family of Crip gangs, and they have one of the largest neighborhoods on the east side of Los Angeles. The 4-Trays consist of two cliques: the South Side 43 Gangster Crips and the East Side 43 Gangster Crips. The South Side 4-Tray Gangster Crips are located around Alameda Street and Washington Blvd. The 43 Gangster Crips' close allies include the 42 Gangster Crips, which are located east of the Four Trays across Central Avenue, and the 48 Gangster Crips, a small neighborhood north across Vernon Avenue. The 43 Gangster Crips are friendly towards the 87 Gangster Crips, 97 Gangster Crips, East Coast Crips, the Play Boy Gangster Crips, Rollin 30's Harlem Crips and the By Yourself Hustler Crips. The 4-Trays are also friendly towards the Eight Tray Gangster Crips despite being friendly towards rival Deuce(2x) because of their long standing family like history together. However, their alliance with "Deuce (2x)" and Neighbor Hood Crip gangs had the 4-Trays have fall out of favour with many other Crip gangs under the "Tray (3x)" card, earning them the derogatory term of "4 Traitors" amongst some of their enemies, who are also Gangster Crips. Some of their Gangster Crip rivals include the 52 Broadway Gangster Crips, 53 Avalon Gangster Crips and the Rollin 40s Avalon Gangster Crips. The 4-Tray Gangster Crips and the Rollin 40s Avalon Gangster Crips have one of the longest standing feud in the history of Los Angeles street gangs, similar to the feud between the Eight Tray Gangster Crips and the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. The two gangs have been feuding for over forty years. Other Crip rivals include the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips. Their main Blood rivals are the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods, the Blood Stone Pirus, Blood Stone Villains, Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods and the All For Crime Bloods. The 4-Trays are also rivals to the Hispanic Hang Out Boys 13; a Sureños gang loyal to the Mexican Mafia.

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South Side (S/S) 43 Gangster Crips

East Side (E/S) 43 Gangster Crips


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