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* [[Clareview]]
[[Clareview]], [[Abbotsfield]], [[Jasper East]], [[Cromdale]], [[Mill Woods]], [[Castle Downs]], [[Jasper Place]], [[Beverly]], [[Old Strathcona]], [[St. Albert]], [[Norwood]], [[Delton]]
* [[Abbotsfield]]
* [[Jasper East]]
* [[Cromdale]]
* [[Mill Woods]]
* [[Castle Downs]]
* [[Jasper Place]]
* [[Beverly]]
* [[Old Strathcona]]
* [[St. Albert]]
* [[Norwood]]
* [[Delton]]
[[Mill Woods Mafia]], [[Abbotsfield Bloods|Abbotsfield 32 Bloods]], [[Beverly Bloods|Beverly 50 Bloods]], [[Alberta Warriors]], [[Norwood Bloods]], [[Indian Posse]], [[Redd Alert]], [[White Boy Wrecking Crew]], [[SWS]], [[Yellowheaders]], [[King Pin Bloods]], [[CV Crips]], [[Mara-Salvatrucha-13]], [[Edmonton King Vice Lords]], [[Northside Boys]], [[Southside Niggaz]], [[Westside Riders]], [[Hell's Angels]], [[Triads]], [[Fresh Off the Boat Killers]], [[St. Gererad Crew|St. Gerard Crew]], [[Uptown Soldiers]], [[Norwood Bloods]], [[313 Bloods]], [[118 Soldiers]], [[Abbotsfield Crips]], [[Crazy Dragons]], [[Crazy Dragon Killaz]], [[NorthSide Riders]], [[123rd Crew]], [[95 Bloods]]
* [[Mill Woods Mafia]] (South Asian)
* [[Abbotsfield Bloods|Abbotsfield 32 Bloods]] (Black)
* [[Beverly Bloods|Beverly 50 Bloods]] (Black and White)
* [[Alberta Warriors]] (Native)
* [[Norwood Bloods]] (Black)
* [[Indian Posse]] (Native)
* [[Redd Alert]] (Native)
* [[White Boy Wrecking Crew]] (white)
* [[SWS]] (White)
* [[135th Ave]] / [[The AVE]] (Native and Black)
* [[Yellowheaders]] (Asian)
* [[King Pin Bloods]] (Black)
* [[CV Crips]] (Black and White)
* [[Each Iz Own]] (Mixed)
* [[Mara-Salvatrucha-13]] (Hispanic)
* [[Edmonton King Vice Lords]] (mixed)
* [[Europejska Mafia]] / [[EEM]] (White)
* [[Northside Boys]] / [[NSB]] (Mixed)
* [[Southside Niggaz]] (Black)
* [[Westside Riders]] / [[WSN]] / [[WSR]] (Native)
* [[Hell's Angels]] (White)
* [[Triads]] (Asian)
* [[Fresh Off the Boat Killers]] / [[FOB]] (Asian)
* [[St. Gerard Crew|St. Gererad Crew]] / [[SGC]] (Mixed)
* [[Up Town Soliders]] / [[UTS]] (Mixed)
* [[Norwood Bloods]] / (Black)
* [[313 Bloods]] /  [[313]] (Mixed)
* [[118 Soldiers]] / (Native)
* [[Abbotsfield Crips]] /  (Black)
* [[Crazy Dragons]] /  [[CD]] (Mixed)
* [[Crazy Dragon Killaz]] /  [[CDK]] (Mixed)
* [[NorthSide Riders]] / [[NSR]] (Mixed)
* [[123rd Crew]] /  [[123]] (Mixed)
* [[Edmonton king vice lords|Edmonton King Vice Lords]]
* [[95 Bloods]] (mixed)

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Canada's murder capital. The capital city of Alberta, Elympia had a record number of homicides in 2005 (39 in the city, 5 in the metro area, 44 total) many more than the previous record of 28. The population of the Edmonton metro area is 1,016,000 people. Attractions and landmarks in Edmonton include West Edmonton Mall (the largest shopping mall in the world) and the University of Alberta, among others.

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Clareview, Abbotsfield, Jasper East, Cromdale, Mill Woods, Castle Downs, Jasper Place, Beverly, Old Strathcona, St. Albert, Norwood, Delton


Mill Woods Mafia, Abbotsfield 32 Bloods, Beverly 50 Bloods, Alberta Warriors, Norwood Bloods, Indian Posse, Redd Alert, White Boy Wrecking Crew, SWS, Yellowheaders, King Pin Bloods, CV Crips, Mara-Salvatrucha-13, Edmonton King Vice Lords, Northside Boys, Southside Niggaz, Westside Riders, Hell's Angels, Triads, Fresh Off the Boat Killers, St. Gerard Crew, Uptown Soldiers, Norwood Bloods, 313 Bloods, 118 Soldiers, Abbotsfield Crips, Crazy Dragons, Crazy Dragon Killaz, NorthSide Riders, 123rd Crew, 95 Bloods


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