Fat Joe

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Fat Joe

Real name Joseph Cartegena, Fat Joe was discovered by the late great Big Punisher, and is the leader of the Terror Squad crew. Also known as Joey Crack.

Bold textHis Beef

The beef between him and 50 Cent started out when Joe collaborated with Ja Rule on "New York". After that, they have been dissing each other verbally, not physically like 50 and Ja's beef did. But, things cooked up at the 2005 VMAs. While Fat was on stage, presenting an award, the dumbfuck comes out of the blue and says 'For the people at home, i feel safe with all the police protection, courtesy of G-Unit.' Later that night, when 50 and Yayo were finishing up 'So Seductive' on stage, 50 yells out 'Fuck Fat Joe! Fuckboy! Fuck Terror Squad!' He yelled out a few other comments, but they were bleeping out.

And every real nigga knows that 50 would damage Fat Joe like he did Ja! Just to remind all you fake-ass niggas out there!

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