Folk Nation

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Folk Nation

A set of street gangs originted in Chicago which has since branched throughout the United States. They are rivals to the Peoples Nation. The Folk Nation includes such gangs as the Crips, Lost Soul Gangster (L.S.G.), Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Almighty Imperial Gangsters, La Raza, Insane Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Disciples, Simon City Royals, Spanish Gangster Disciples, Spanish Gangster Two Six, Gangster Party People, Harrison Gents, Latin Dragons, Insane Latin Lovers, Insane Dragons, Insane C-Notes, CPV's and International Posse.

Symbols used by Folk Nation gangs include a six pointed star (Star of David, although there is no connection to the Jewish symbol). The six points are said to symbolize Life, Loyalty, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

Members of Folk Nation gangs wear caps tilted to the right, earrings in the right ear, or bandanas hanging from the right pocket or tied around the right leg. This is a sign to represent gangs that are from the six point star, and never to wear similar clothing on the left side of their body to represent another gang.

If you'd really like to find out what's going on in the streets, a "number one" must read is "CROSS THE BRIDGE" by Pete (K-SO G) Keller. You can find it on