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The Kingston-Galloway section is located in the south end of Scarborough, Ontario and house many of the city's poor and marginalized members of society. Lining Kingston Road are small plazas with cheque-cashing outlets, gas stations and motels once used by motorists when old Highway 2 got them in and out of Toronto. They now house refugees. There is little that passes for recreational facilities except the Boys and Girls Club. South Asian and South east Asians are the largest wave of new arrivals to the area, which is mainly inhabited by African Canadians, Filipinos and Arab residence. The youth unemployment rate around the Kingston-Galloway area is 16.6% compared to 13.2% city-wide. 32.5% of families in Kingston-Galloway are headed by single parents, compared to 20.3% city wide. The area has a well known seedy reputation attaining to the once rampant prostitution and drug trade, which until recently, had been controlled by a local gang called the Galloway Boys. After being dismantled by police, the area has seen the emergence of smaller clicks associating themselves with the Crips gang. This area is one of 13 considered "priority areas" in the city in dire need of social programs for local youth.

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Former Galloway Resident Shot Dead in Malvern Because of Long Standing Feud


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