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Writing style for the Rap Dictionary

Writing or editing an article for the Rap Dictionary seems easy at first, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Below are some pointers on the writing style to use on it.

Keep it English

When writing an article for the Rap Dictionary, try writing it as if you are explaining it to someone who barely speaks English. This means you have to keep your explanation crisp and clear. Use plain English instead of slang. If you cannot avoid hip-hop terms, link them to their explanation elsewhere in the Rap Dictionary.

Avoid inflammatory language

Cursing is baaad, mkay? Even though the term that is explained can be a curseword, that does not mean its explanation has to be as well. Explain the term in neutral words instead.

Use a neutral point of view

Try imagining someone who does not agree with your view at all and write your article in such a way that the other person could agree with it. Avoid taking positions.

Use fixed time references

Try to fixate time references so articles remain correct over time. Avoid words like "newest", "latest", "last week's", "previous". So, instead of "Eminem's latest release", write "Eminem's 2004 release".