Hoodlums gang

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the Hoodlums gang

Founded By Aaren “Spit Ball” Megee

Years Active 1971-Present

Territory 11th street through 19th street, intersecting with Wormy Road and south of Glen Road east of Taylor Blvd and west of Franklin street. 39th street through 51st street west of Park Ave and east of Cedar Road. 62nd street through 84th street with Adams South of them and Taylor Blvd east, Unknown Way to the west and Mercy street to the north.

Ethnicity Mixed

Membership 900-1,000

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Prostitution, Home Invasion, Murder, Gun Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, Extortion, Street Protection, Illegal Gambling, Illegal Street Racing and Drug Trafficking .

Allies Mercy Street Families, Zoner Nation, Black Squad Mafia Holo Families, the Players gang, Almighty Infamous Outlaws, Eric Town Saints and No Mercy Hoodlums

Rivals the Warriors Gang, Cobra Heights Syndicate, Adams Street Hypsters, Cedar Road Jungles, Park Ave Outsiders, I.N.K., 82nd Goblins, 75th street Notes, 59th Too Short Gangsters, 23rd street Rollers, No Way Out, 40th street Hoodlum Killers, Tha Unknown Mafia and Franklin Street Loco’s

The Hoodlums started out as a black Civil Rights Movement organization. They created a headquarters under the name Hoodlums, which stood as a acronym for Hatred Opens Our Destruction Leaving Us Struggling More. They stayed active for three years until being bought out by the state banks. The state banks destroy the building and expand the development of housing projects that span a reach of 78 blocks. Mostly Latin American and African Americans moved into the newly built projects during the early 1970's. The first to combat the growing tensions between the Latins was Aaren “Spit Ball” Megee. He organized a gang of kids in the projects and they began going by the Hands gang. The name was derived from the name of the projects Hands Lee Housing Projects. For nine years Megee ran the Hands gang warring with rival fractions in the projects. One of the largest and most powerful was the Brothers gang leaded by arch rival Carlos “Bishop” Herndaz. Megee was locked up in 1983 for murder. Raymond “Big Daddy” Jones was select as the new leader of the Hands gang. For two years Raymond would carry on the rivalry between the two fractions. The leader of the rival fraction now going by the Lopez Brothers, Emanuel “Big Cesar” Lopez. To expand he called on a truce. In celebration of there new found truce they renamed they gangs. Emanuel renamed his gang Glen Road Projects. Which was the new name of the projects. Raymond named his gang the Hoodlums. Raymond choose the name in honor of the sign that the projects stilled kept inside of the registration office of the building. During this time areas of the projects where been torn down. In the the interest of the both gangs they split and created border lines. Hoodlums would control 40 percent of the projects gaining 11th street all the way down to 17th street,45th street all the way to 50th street,67th street and 71th street all the way to 76th street. Thorough the 80's all the way to the mid 90's Hoodlums would gain further stumping ground leading to breaking the truce with Glen Road Projects. Glen Road met them with on going street battles as well as expanding out of the projects. Throughout all this battling the police would step up affords to imprison the leaders. With the imprisonment of the leaders most gangs readopted there old gangs as well as pushed Glen Road off there turfs. With Glen Roads decline Hoodlums stepped up to fill the void. In 2010 the leader of the Hoodlums joined Holo218 as a affiliation.


Hoodlums refer to there members as Hoods or Lums. Hoodlums are also known to wear black as a color, often throwing up the H with there hands and fingers. There most showed sign is the sign of the horn. In the Hoodlums theirs no members that get jumped in. To be a member a person most be from their controlling neighborhood or have lived there for longer then 5 years. Rivals disrespect them by calling them hoops or slumps. They show respect to the of Zoners by calling outside members "Zone".


Every sub-gang is lead by it's own sub leader which in turn is empowered by the borderline of it's resources. In most cases there leader is free to control it as he see fit,just as long as it doesn't conflict with the Supreme Project Leader.

17th Street There turf begins from 11th street all the way to 19th street. There turf overlaps with WRHW (Wormy Road Hustler Warriors). They are also the only sub division that is in between two rivals. The two being 19th Glen Road and the 15th street WRHW's. Since the two are only blocks away from each other.17th street is commonly known in the Hoodlums as the 17th street Mafia

45th Street The 45th street fraction of the Hoodlums is the largest and heart of gang. They've been seen to mostly keep to themselves not at lease provoked to strike. The 45th street Hoodlums are known as Big Daddy's Project since Raymond spent most of his time there. There known be connected to drug trafficking, illegal gambling, illegal street racing and prostitution. From there lack of conflict,they help fund the other 3 fractions with money. 45th street is now from 39th street all the way to 51st street overlapping with many other gangs. With there overlapping with other gangs to keep peace between them they supply them with cheaper guns. 45th Street has also gained the named of the 45th Floor. Meaning most of there foes that journey into there turf are not seen again.

62nd Street Since there formation they've mange to start conflicts with allies and enemies. Through all this thou the 62nd street was formed when the 50th Hoodlums fell to inside conflict. When they reformed themselves,they formed on 62nd street grasping 62nd street all the way to 67th street. 62nd street is commonly known in the Hoodlums as I Murk on 62nd Street (a word play on the 1934 novel Murder on the Orient Express).

71st Street The 71st street Hoodlums expanded from 67th street all the way down to 80th street. They recently broke down there territory into the 80th street Hoodlums to make it easier for them operation on the street. The 71st Street Hoodlums are also known as the 71st Funk-airs or 71st Hood-funk.

80th Street The 80th Street Hoodlums are the newest fraction, 80th Street is also called the 80th Street Hooligan Family.


  • Supreme Project Leader
  • Sub-Leader
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Vice-Lieutenant
  • Big Brat
  • Little Brat
  • Baby

The Hoodlums have a similar rank structure as the Warriors. They are lead by a Supreme Project Leader. The supreme project leader has absolute say on all enterprises and is given 50 percent of all the profits made by the subdivisions. He has control over all events in the Hoodlums everything is run through him before being done. Under him is the sub-leaders controlling the street ventures as well as the membership. They act on the interest of their own crews as well as get 45 percent of the earnings. They are voted into their positions. Under the sub-leader is the sub-lieutenant who acts as the captain and second in command they are usual put in control of territorial blocks in is given 35 percent. Under the sub-lieutenant are the lieutenants who are given this rank when they have serve 26 years plus as an active member. They are placed in charge of their own crew of 20 to 30 and are given 30 percent. Under the lieutenant is the vice-lieutenant who is given this rank when they have served 21 plus years active as a member. They are used to asset their lieutenant and gather entail on their rivals. They are also placed in charge of weapons and are given 25 percent. Under the vice-lieutenant is the big brat rank. This is given to members who have served 11 years plus active and is allowed to deal without permission from superiors and can command any underling under them. They are also welcome to 15 percent of the profit from their underlings. Under big brat are the little brats who have served 6 years plus as an active member they can command baby members but other then that most answer to all their superiors. The lowest rank is baby who have served a year plus. They are protected under hoodlum law and are given entrances into a percentage of Hoodlum’s dealings.