Independent Soldiers

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The Independent Soldiers began as a loosely affiliated group of drug dealers in the late 1990s involved in the manufacturing and distribution of marijuana and meth as well as the proliferation of cocaine and firearms. This gang emerged out of Vancouver's large Sikh community in southeast Vancouver and was once known as the "Sunset Boys" because members were mainly active around the Sunset Community Centre. In its early days of conception, the Independent Soldiers were considered rivals of the Hells Angels after one of its founding members was connected in the "Loft 6 shooting" [1] and was shot in retaliation as a result. Afterwards, former leader Sukvinder Singh Dosanjh died in a car crash while his brother Gerpal Singh "Paul" Dosanjh died in a hail of gunfire in an East Vancouver restaurant in March 2004 [2]. The founding Sikh leadership of the gang were irradicated through a series of violent incidences [3] and lengthy court convictions leaving a void in the leadership which would later be filled with Caucassian males loyal to the Hells Angels; making the new Independent Soldiers one of the Angel's many "puppet club" gangs. They are currently active in Kelowna, Prince George and Abbotsford in British Columbia, and have members/associates in Calgary and Edmonton as well. Their main rivals are the United Nations gang as well as the Game Tight Soldiers but members have been known to be cliqued up with the Native based Redd Alert street gang from Alberta [4]. The Independent Soldiers have also been linked with the Rizzuto Crime Family out of Montreal as well as the Asain based Fresh Off the Boat gang from Calgary. This gang is now active in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary.



Independent Soldier Associate Murdered in Toronto

I.S. Member Shot Dead in Abbotsford

Brace For Gang War, Police Warn

Edmonton Cops Hunting I.S Members


idiots fucking up everyones drug hustle by shot ppl all over the mainland!! i guess thats what happens when ya get rid of the angels!!it churns into amatuer hour!!

what area are these guys from ?

If the IS are dominated by Indo-Canadians, why are all the linked news stories about white people? The truth is that the IS used to be dominated by Indo-Canadians, but now it is mostly "Euro-Canadians".