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Inglewood is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, southwest of downtown Los Angeles. It was incorporated on February 14, 1908. In 2006, its population was estimated at 129,900. The earliest residents of what is now Inglewood may have been indigenous people who used the natural springs in today's Edward Vincent Jr. Park (known for most of its history as Centinela Park). In the 2000 census, blacks made up 47 percent of the city's residents (53,060 people), and hispanics made up 46 percent (51,829), but the Census Bureau estimated that in 2006 the percentage of blacks had declined to 40 percent (52,228) and that of Hispanics had a percentage increase (69,090). The white population declined from 19 percent (21,505) to 16 percent (20,627). Inglewood’s population of 129,900 in 2006 was relatively youthful, with a median age of 31, compared to 36 in the nation as a whole. Eleven percent of its residents were under 5 years of age, as against 7 percent in the rest of the country. Some 8 percent were 65 or older, versus 12 percent elsewhere.

It was a city of renters squeezing into a limited amount of space. Of Inglewood’s 37,562 occupied housing units (houses and apartments), just 39 percent were owned by the people who lived in them (compared to 67 percent in the U.S. as whole). The other units were rented out. Only 5 percent of its housing units were vacant, much less than the 12 percent across the country. The number of people living in each unit was about 3.7 persons, versus 2.7 elsewhere. Family size was 3.9 people, compared to 3.2. It was estimated that 18 percent of Inglewood families had incomes below the poverty level, about twice that of the country at large (9 percent). About 17 percent of Inglewood’s residents had earned a bachelor’s degree or higher (versus 27 percent across the country). Twenty-nine percent of Inglewoodians were foreign-born, compared to 13 percent in the nation as a whole


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