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Jacob Reuben Marchand (born June 4, 1987) is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is better known for his stage name J.Reu. He Made his performance debut on the 2006 Best Buy Retail Road Show after creating the Christmas jingle for Best Buy TV and Radio 2006 winter ad campaign.


Jacob Reuben Marchand Better known as J.Reu was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 4, 1987 to Paul and Florence Marchand. Jacob recorded his first record at the age of 5 with the New Orleans children choir singing the "Our Father Prayer" also known as "Lord's Prayer". Several people told his struggling single mother to put him in the music industry but she wanted him to finish school.

To find better work his mother moved to Huntsville, Alabama and enrolled Jacob in piano, trumpet, violin and drum lessons. He began liking hip hop music and his mother who was an established poet started taking him on tours with her where he would recite the "I have a dream" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. His mother was preparing him to be in front of large crowds of people at one time.

Jacob began writing music as just a hobby and he was the talk of the school and in his sophomore high school year he dropped his first album entitled "incognito" in 2003. Jacob having the most likely to be famous picture in his year book made him only more hungry for the fame, fortune, and love for music. He continued to put out good music with his follow up "J.Reusalem pt. 1 the album in 2004. Some how it got to several record label executives at Def Jam Recordings and he was looking to sign a major deal. Unfortunately the talent company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Were full of scams and the deal was never completed.

J.Reu, who was full with disappointment in the talent company, and in the time he invested with them. Made him realize he can't depend on anyone but himself. So he put out another album in 2006 called "Changing the Game". He made several tracks but finally put 19 on the album. While shopping his music he ran in to longtime friend Theodore Lindsey and Mr. Lindsey began to shop J.Reu's music to his nephew "Nick Cannon" for his "Can I Ball" record label. At the time they had already filled there roster so J.Reu was not a good fit. He the linked up with best buy after writing a jingle for the Christmas holiday best buy season. Touring with Best Buy in front of thousands was easy because his mother had prepared him years before. J.Reu has come out with several other albums and even working with some of the best songwriters currently in the music/entertainment field.

The Best Buy Rap Originator

In 2005 J.Reu was just an employee of Best Buy while he was going to college. While he was there at morning store meetings he was always asked by the store managers to freestyle about the stores previous work day stats.He decided to ask the store managers to sponsor some studio time to record a Best Buy jingle they agreed and he recorded three tracks. He and another rapper from an Ohio Best Buy store named Jake Rockswell started creating a serious buzz behind the best buy raps and they were chosen for the Best Buy Tour. Following the tour Best Buy decided to send footage from the tour to every store so the employees could see. Since then random Best Buy Employees have taken it upon them selves to rap about Best Buy in the form of video freestyles and actual music videos Jake Rockswell and J.Reu paved the way for this style of marketing and musical choice.

Huggz & Kissez Release

In December 2009 J.Reu started recording songs after being in a relationship with a cheater for two years, the songs recorded were talking about this relationship and similar topics along with some club records. The songs started mixing well and he decided to set a release date for Feb. 14, 2010. The mixtape became a top download on Datpiff.com on the date of the release.




  • 2006: "Welcome to the holidays"(Best Buy Jingle) [1]
  • 2008: "Rock Bottom Carpet" (Jingle with former Group Mag'4)


  • 2005: When I Think About You (featuring Dawn & Robbie) Thinking about you single
  • 2009: Me and My N***a's (featuring Verse Simmonds) (Hook Written by Rock City)
  • TBA: Patron(Liqour) (featuring Freck Billionaire) (prod. The Hipnotiks)

Features & Remixes


  • Daddy-O
  • Redstone
  • Antonio Dye
  • J.Erv
  • Ashley-Renee
  • Kima
  • Aerostotle
  • Freck Billionaire
  • Rock City
  • Verse Simmonds
  • Jinx Productions
  • The Hipnotiks
  • Rocko
  • Rick Ross
  • Demarco
  • Cool & Dre
  • Donnis
  • Se7en

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