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[http://www.k-osmusic.com K-OSMusic.com]
[http://www.k-osmusic.com K-OSMusic.com]
Interview with K-Os on Chocolate Magazine. [http://www.chocolatemagazine.co.uk/features.php?article=K-os]
Interview with K-Os on Chocolate Magazine. [http://www.chocolatemagazine.co.uk/features.php?article=K-os]

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A musical experience that ranges from rap to jazz, rock and pop, blues and reggae, and everything in between is what you can expect from K-OS. This Toronto-bred MC/vocalist (born Kevin Brereton, he chose the name K-OS meaning "Knowledge of Self") is about to take the rap world by storm. Artists such as Andre 3000 and Missy Elliott have praised K-OS for pushing the limits of hip-hop culture. He produces and writes all of his songs in which he shares his thoughts and beliefs. His versatility makes it almost impossible to compare him to anybody. His first album Exit (2002) won the international album of the year honours at the 2003 Source Awards. Not only is he a writer and producer, but in his latest album, Joyful Rebellion, K-OS even plays piano and guitar in a few songs. In the fall of 2004, K-OS made history with the highest chart debut for a Canadian urban artist. Since then, his songs and videos have seen plenty of airtime on MuchMusic and radio stations across the country. Already impressive, you can expect greater things to come from him.

K-OS is a unique artist not to be missed.

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Interview with K-Os on Chocolate Magazine. [1]