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Kyjuan, born Robert Kyjuan Cleveland in April of 1976, hails from St. Louis, Missouri and is also a founding member of the platinum selling rap group the St. Lunatics. Keeping it in the family, Kyjuan brought younger brother Murphy Lee on board to become a "Lunatic". As of yet, Kyjuan has not released a solo album, but has released two albums with the St. Lunatics. As well as guest appearing on Murph's solo project Murphy's Law and each of Nelly's CDs and other fellow St Lunatic Ali, and his solo project Heavy Starch. He's doing his part to help promote STL music. Kyjuan is currently working on a project to not only showcase his music, but the many talented artists from St.Louis. Having appeared on Basement Beats East STL artists Gena's mixtape FuckUpayMe, and Kyjuan's track with other STL artist Kidtrell, his production company shot the video for Gena's Dope Boy Fresh, allowing Kyjuan to show off his rapping and directing chops for the local hit single which also featured fellow St.Louis megastar Chingy. Kyjuan can also be seen from videos from Nelly to Chicago's own Shawnna. He continues to pursue writing movies and directing. Opening Xclusive Products with his brother Murph and having started the indie label, U C Me Ent. Kyjuan has alot going on right now look for his new mix cd labled Kyjuan Ft St Louis coming soon, also look out for new albums from Murphy Lee and Nelly