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L.L. Cool J

James Todd Smith, US MC and actor, born January 14, 1968 in Queens, New York. The name is short for Ladies Love Cool James. In the song Ahh, Let's Get Ill [1] on the Bigger and Deffer album, L.L. explains:

I'm the Ladies Love, legend in leather
Long and lean, and I don't wear pleather
Last of the red hot lovin MC's
Lookin for a little, that's my theory
It goes quick like lightning, too exciting
Lover of ladies, don't allow biting
Level-headed leader, toy boy feeder
Good love life and a rhyme biter beater
Looking, learning, the one you're liking
Listen and you will love what I'm writing
Ladies love, long, hard and lean
And now you know what L.L. means

Entering into the HipHop era at the tender age of 16 years old around 1985, LL was known for his dazzling smile and rippling muscles in addition to his simple yet smooth rap style which got him famous.


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