Las Vegas

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Las Vegas

The center of gambling in the United States, Las Vegas is marketed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, also commonly known as Sin City, due to the popularity of legalized gambling, availability of alcoholic beverages at any time, and various forms and degrees of adult entertainment. The city's glamorous image has made it a popular setting for films and television programs.


Bonanza East, The Coast, The Jets, Piru, Westwoods MLK & Lake Mead,


Gerson Park, Dana Street Crips, Monroe Crips, Playboy Bloods, Brown Pride Locotez, 3rd Street Locotez, 23rd Street, EastSide Bloods, EastSide Crips, Jihad City Blues, Sin City Goons, Muslim Mob of Allah (MMA), MS-13, Pinkies, Valley View Gangster Crips (VVGC), North Town Gangster Crip (NTGC), Tha' Woods, Coast Crip