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Kayo Redd is an African-American rapper, songwriter, producer, and actor born in Queens, NY & raised in Riverdale, Georgia. He is the younger brother of rappers Waka Flocka & Wooh Da Kid. He is signed to Brick Squad Monopoly Records, which is a record label branched off of Mizay Entertainment, and 1017 Brick Squad Records, he along with fellow Atl rappers Slugg Mania & Whiteboy Tommy have a rap group called Sykho Souljas. He is also a member of the rap group called Waka's Flock aka The Flock, which consist of his two older brothers Waka Flocka, and Wooh Da Kidd. He is the nephew of former drug dealer & Supreme Team affiliate Bimmy.


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  • Kayo Redd aka Red Dread is known for his catchphrases turn up turn up turn up, and hold on hold on hold on hold on GO!, and Pow Pow Pow Pow.