Live-N-Effect Posse

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Live-N-Effect Posse

A four man rap group/posse from the Bronx that assembled in the mid to late 1980’s its members were Michael “Dr. Shock" Thomas, Anthony “Ice Man” Shropshire aka Jovon, Floyd Jackson and Tyrone Johnson. In 1988 the group released a four cut single on Excellent Choice Records catalog # EC7A / EC7B which was co-produced, mixed and engineered by the late Paul C. The record met with little success in the USA but was said to have become very popular in other countries abroad and thus reprinted. Since then their single has become a rare sort after record with an original copy going for as much as USA $500. It was even said a copy sold on ebay for USA $1000.00.


  • I'm Getting Physical - 1988
  • We Got To Get Paid - 1988
  • We Got A Message In Our Music - 1988
  • I'm A Soul Man - 1988

Single was reprinted in 2005

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