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Plain Brown Rapper is a Detroit MC found on He did a Rap E.P. Tape with this kid named Max from San Diego. He also opened in Kentucky State University for Eric B. and Rakim / D. J. Pic Nice. He now is frequently @ large in Detriot and Philly " Free Steady B " & Pray fo' Cool- C. His CD can be heard at www.cdbaby/rbrown or Tower Records.File:Example.jpgCOOKIE DOUGH= $$$$$. --The Plain Brown Rapper 09:34, 5 May 2006 (CEST)ROn Brown

Who is P B R ? BIZNILF [[Get or Git-go]] what the hell does it mean folks???

What Does Ladi-Dadi Mean?




What is a fog? As in "She smokes fogs." Plain Brown Rapper is on US MC Catcha Cain? Fuck boy? T.I. says that shit, whats it mean?

  • I don't know what means the word that is mentioned a hundred times by many artist...WHAT THA F#ç& IS....Chinchila or Chinchilla. <-----it's an animal they make coats out's really soft, now can someone tell me what catcha cain means?

  • Thanks 4 that chinchilla thing, sorry if it seems too stupid, but i'm form colombia and i don' t know very much.....and another elementary question......POP MY COLLAR???????????what specifically means that...

What da fuk is a howser? Answer: a Howser or Hosser is "A pig, that doesn't fly straight" - Scarface (the movie)

  • "finsta", as in "I'm standing on your grave and I'm finsta take a pee pee" (Piss on Your Grave, The Coup), means what, 'to intend to', 'to be planning to', or what?

Just Doin' Crhymes I heard PBR at University of Detroit Mercy on the WCST 102.3 It's a small radio station that services the UDM community You can cop tha' CD on or God's World Detroit, MI.