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  • What does the term 'Monkeyface' mean? Elephant man uses it a hell of a lot e.g 'make monkeyface, and girl wind down low' Guessing something sexual but who knows. Can anyone help?

  • What does the "Lil' " stand for that many rappers use

(apart from the word indicating "little" of course? Like Lil' Gotti / Irv Gotti. Any relationship between the Lil' and the original? Or is it used as in "I'm a lil' crazy" ? Somebody's gotta know this.

  • There is a song "Phony Rappers" by A Tribe Called Quest". At the very end of this song, when the beat stops and lyrics ends, some guy starts to talk. What is he saying? It's kinda difficult to hear clearly...

  • What does it mean to be "geared"?
  • what is O.P.P.???

O.P.P. stands for Other People's Parts (Pu$$y, Penis) "Its another way to call a cat a kitty. It's 5 little letters that I'm missing here." Naughty by Nature, "O.P.P." "Its another 5 letter word rhyming with cleanes(t), or meanes(t)." Naughty by Nature, "O.P.P."

Ontario Provencial Police (Ontaio's Police) Our Piece of the Pie (helps young adults 14-24 become successful adults) Official Polar Programs (some exploration thing) other peoples pussy or other peoples penis (if u talkin bout the naughty by nature song)

  • Ya'll should put the city of Camden, NJ on here, it was named the most dangerous place to live in the US.

  • What is a "fully" (as in Bullys Wit Fullys)? Answer to Fully: I would just think about associations many of these questions are answerable by just thinking for a few far as a "Fully" Goes I'd have to go with my instinct that it refer's to fully- automatic weapons as opposed to semi-automatic weapons so bullys' with fullys refers to a bully with an automatic gun. -By DJ Emir Mixtapes
  • Plain Brown Rapper is a Detroit MC found on He did a Rap E.P. Tape with this kid named Max from San Diego. He also opened in Kentucky State University for Eric B. and Rakim / D. J. Pic Nice. He now is frequently @ large in Detriot and Philly " Free Steady B " & Pray fo' Cool- C. His CD can be heard at www.cdbaby/rbrown or Tower Records.File:Example.jpgCOOKIE DOUGH= $$$$$. --The Plain Brown Rapper 09:34, 5 May 2006 (CEST)ROn Brown
  • Who is PBR? I heard PBR at University of Detroit Mercy on the WCST 102.3. It's a small radio station that services the UDM community You can cop tha' CD on or God's World Detroit, MI.

- The Get-go refers to the beginning or start of something.

  • What Does Ladi-Dadi Mean?
- Refers to the "chirp" of a Nextel phone
  • What is a fog? As in "She smokes fogs."
  • T.I. says that shit, whats it mean?
  • I don't know what means the word that is mentioned a hundred times by many artist...WHAT THA F#ç& IS....Chinchila or Chinchilla. <-----it's an animal they make coats out's really soft, now can someone tell me what catcha cain means?
  • Thanks 4 that chinchilla thing, sorry if it seems too stupid, but i'm form colombia and i don' t know very much.....and another elementary question......POP MY COLLAR???????????what specifically means that... Popping the collar is having your shirt collar turned up instead of folded down like you owuld with a tie on or such.
  • What da fuk is a howser? Answer: a Howser or Hosser is "A pig, that doesn't fly straight" - Scarface (the movie)
  • "finsta", as in "I'm standing on your grave and I'm finsta take a pee pee" (Piss on Your Grave, The Coup), means what, 'to intend to', 'to be planning to', or what? -- maybe "fixing to", or "fixing to."

"Tryin' to get to you and that monkey." E-40, "U & Dat"

  • What's a tone? "We got them tones in the club and the bulletproof vests..." and "Tone on my lap and you know it's a pump" -Three 6 Mafia. I figure it's a gun, but is it a specific kind? Answer To "Tone": Actually I believe it would probably be a "Toned" girl you know nice abs sexy thights all toned up with no flab. -DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes. Pump shotguns are pretty badass (and you wouldn't have a pump pistol) maybe it comes from shoTgUN = TUN = TONE?
  • What are "80 4's" as mentioned in some songs? such as: "see them 80 4's creepin through yo town", "80 4's underneath my ride", and " 80 4's pokin out of my ride". Sounds like rims to me, but I can't find anything about them.

-84's are a wire rim. They were first put out in 1984 on Cadillac's I believe, hence the name.

  • "Flooding the watch", "running the spots" -- We invented floodin the watch, and runnin the spots That's why, I'm not a player, I just crush a lot.
- Flooding the watch with diamonds, and running the spots is a little ambiguous.  It could mean the dope spots or the hot spots, i.e. where a lot of people are (nightclubs, etc...)

  • I have no clue what the song is called, but I can give you some of the basic lyrics. I want to know what its called. Ok the song starts out "Welcome to texas, home of the houston oilers, whoops there gone" And thats all i remeber.
  • What about Gnarls Barkley[2]?
  • What's a D-Girl? [Brooke Valentine song of the same name]

d-girl is a dope girl (a girl thats trappin)

  • WHAT MEANS "Sitting Crooked In My Chrome" in Chammillionare song Ridin Dirty????