Mercy Street Families

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Mercy Street Families

Years Active 1981-Present

Territory Yankee Valley Apartments, Yankee Valley Park, Mercy Street Skate Rink, Valentino Apartments, Butler's Pool Bar, Early Vine Court Apartment, Murphy Line Apartment Complex, Bell Housing Project Apartments, Early Vine Court 4/5 shopping center, Laces Strip Club, .890 Washington Elementary School, Hopper Clothing Store, Early Vine Golf Course, Noon City Middle School, Noon City High School, Noon City District and Russell Taylor Field

Ethnicity Black

Membership 500+

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Prostitution, Home Invasion, Murder, Extortion, Street Protection, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Bookmaking, Gun Trafficking and Drug Trafficking

Allies Bloods, Piru, Vice Lords, Zoner Nation, Black Squad Mafia Holo Families and Hoodlums gang

Rivals Cobra Heights Syndicate, Warriors gang, I.N.K., the Bullies, Almighty Infamous Outlaws, Insane 23 Street, Pope Alley Savages, Crips, the Players gang, Eastend Players, Outro Players, Evening Center Players, Coco Players, Gangster Floor Street Players and Outlaw Players and Dangerous House gang

Club Period

Mercy Street started in 1981 as a skate club. The founding members Charles “Big Penny” Gaines, Travis “Stable” Mills and Douglas “Doug” Jackson used this club to attract neighborhood females. They would meet up and skate at the local skate rink on Mercy Street and Taylor Boulevard. They began going by the Mercy Street Boy's. During this time street gangs mistaken their club as a street gang and started calling them the Mercy Street gang. Charles's cousin Zachariah

Street Gang

In 1983 or 1984 Glen Road Projects began targeting Mercy Street club members. These actions would be the reason for them to change from a peaceful club to a gang. Charles was noted as the first member to strike back. Charles assembled a group of 10 members. They drove to a party held by the Glen gang. They began to fight until the police showed up. The police locked up Charles and the other members. Glen hearing about the fight retaliated days later. They would stab Zachariah to death. From then on under Charles's leadership they would wage war against Glen Road Projects and all there allies. Charles would grow strongholds with the help from the Hoodlums and the Zero's.

No Pennies And The Jar

In the 90's they rose on the top of the cities drug market. They was supplying 59 percent of the drugs to the city. They also moved up from 120 members to a membership of 300. They also had the most dangerous turf at the time with at lease 3 killings a day. During this time Charles was arrest for murder. He took a plea bargain for a lighter sentence. He would give the information that would bring the decline of Mercy Street. Members that weren't arrest went into hiding or left the city. With the decline of Mercy Street other gangs formed in there territory.

Zoner Nation

Ten years later Rome “Little Pockets” Melrose, Di'Marvin “Bandana” Young, Keith “Low Bridge” Bridgette and Douglas “Lil Doug” Jackson II son of Douglas “Doug” Jackson. Reorganized the gangs structure to fit modern times. In 2010 Mercy Street made the transition to join the affiliation of Holo218 and the then 55 Syndicate. They also were the connection to gangs such as Cobra Syndicate, Hoodlums and the Glen Road affiliation. They used this affiliation to push back smaller gangs or open room to expand there membership. Mercy Street underwent a name change to remove gang and replace it with “Families”. They've also out powered HTD and the Family to join the Mercy Street affiliation as a sub gang. Sub gangs have since had to write MSF after tagging there gang name. They've moved to a war against two new rivals and attempts to take over turf or membership. Choosing to began a campaign “Affiliate or Terminate”.


Many of they're high ranking members have face indictments which have lead to them losing influence. An with the new Universal Leader blessing many of they rivals into the Cabin they have lost a percentage of there membership. Through all these sit backs they have stuck on the board of the Cabin in are slowly rebuilding back their influence with a new campaign obtaining Low Life and Young Havocs.


Mercy Street is known to wear the colors maroon and black and sometimes mulberry. They also use Houston Astro's and Washington Redskins attire as a way to show gang affiliation. They all use one gang sign. This gang sign is done by putting the thumb to the side, while spreading the index, middle and ring finger apart. They then throw it down to make a capital M, with the pinky still curled and thumb to the side they make the S. To be apart of Mercy Streets Families recruitee most be from a family that shared the 80's or 90's class of gang members. If they don't then they most have live in a turf owned by Mercy Street, from there they are jumped in for 90 seconds by 15 members. Membership is for life. Members are required to commit a array of crimes for the gang. As well as follow the unwritten rules of the gang. Mercy has a oath and prayer that members learn when they are put down. Most members call each other “Streets”.

Sub Gangs

Washington Street Hustlers

The Hustlers were started by Keith “Low Bridge” Bridgette they first joined forces with the Washington Street Player's. A homegrown gang that shared a affiliation with the Eastside Piru's. Keith would share Washington street with the Piru's and Players until 2007. For unknown reason the Player's dropped Washington as a territory. The remaining members split into two groups. Some joining up with the Hustlers others creating a new homegrown gang known as the Dangerous House Players. They dropped the Player's at the end of there name when they began battling with the Eastend Players and Outro Players. Keith stayed low key picking up defunct members from each side of the Player's Gang. Eventually Keith gain a larger membership in Washington Street. He pressed his larger membership on smaller gangs. This worked in his favor since smaller gangs didn't want to enter in a war with Mercy's they'd just adopt Mercy as a gang all together. They would at one point rise as the largest clique out of the Mercy Street's. They would enter in a independent war against the Players. Since the entering of the war Washington has taken over the Westside Family Players. The Family Players were allowed to continue to operate as a gang only if they drop the player from there name and join the Mercy Street affiliation.

Noon Kity Bandits

Noon Kity Bandit's were started in the hallways of Noon City's district middle school they also occupy Noon City high school, Bell Housing Project Apartments a collection and various neighborhoods. But there strong presence are in Noon City Middle School where 45% of the students are members. There founder is the descent of one of the founding members.

23rd Street Demons

The 23 Street Demons was started in Yankee Valley Apartments on 23 Street and Yankee Circle. In the interest of spreading out membership to grow Di'Marvin started a clique named the Baby Bastards. The name never stuck resulting in them being called the 23 Street crew. As they spreaded there influence through the apartments they ran into a older gang that was already established years earlier. To avoid a war Di'Marvin proposed a joining of the two gangs. They would merge there gang with the Demons. Since then they've been known as the 23 Street Demons. They are known as the most violence clique out of the rest of Mercy Streets sub gangs. They also hold a toe hold in Yankee Valley Park which is seated south of Yankee Valley Apartments. They are battling two rival gangs for full control of the area. The Demons gang was started in 1999 by there founder Crag “Little Demon” Scott. He took over the apartments through small battles between the weaken Glen Road gang. They would take full control over the area in 2001 when the last of the Glens left the apartments. In retaliation Crag was gun down months later by Glen Road members. Taking advantage Glen Road would then retake back the west of the apartment complex as well as laying claim to the Yankee Valley Park. Just as they began to retake back territory the Demons began unmerciful attacking Glen Road strongholds. The back to back gun fighting came to a close when police start cracking down on the apartments. With the cracking down other small gang began pushing there way in eventually overwhelming Glen Road. By 2005 Di'Marvin fully kicked Glen Road out. Since then the gang violence has been aim in the park area leaving Yankee Valley as a peaceful and safe haven for allies of the Demons.

Taylor Blvd Gang(T.B.G.)

TBG was started out as a clique. The members rose to the top of the major gang chain through there aggressive method’s of recruitment. They pushed back most of the rival gangs on there turf. They were formed on the idea that it would be much easier to combat the unwanted presences of other gangs. They have a uneasy alliance with the Bloods and Vice Lords. This alliance is only shared thought from their common rivalry with the Warriors and Crips. Thou they share the same colors they do not share nothing else. Only choosing to keep there distance and join together only in the interest of keeping shared rivals off there respect of territories. They've mange to carry there influence outside of Mercy Street and into cities in Texas establishing strongholds.

Hustle Till Death

They we're started by Dominique "Niko Black" Baker. He was first a member of a dying gang. He would relocate his holding fraction on to Candice and Market street and the hopes to rejuvenate them. He would pick up new members but as well began a standing rivalry between the Clowns gang which was located 3 blocks from Dominique turf. To combat this they would hold street fights in the middle of the two split blocks that would be come known as Hells Boxing Ring. In 2001 Dominique was badly beaten and would die from his injuries. To remember there leader the gang began going by Hustle Till Death. The Clowns would gain surrounding areas of there turf through the Loco's alliance during 2004. In 2010 Mercy began leading attacks against the HTD's. Overwhelmed the HTD's surrender their rights as a independent gang and joined the Mercy's alliance. Since there joining they've been leading attack against cliques to join Mercy's Affiliation. This tactics has been also know as Mercy's Law. Since then they've gotten 4 cliques down under the HTD/Mercy Street affiliation.

The Family

The Family gang started as a card from the Players affiliation. Founded by Eric “C.C.” Classess in the Valentino Apartments. They went by the Switches sharing the surrounding apartments with Valentino Boy's(1981), The Zero's(1980) and the Hats(1983). The Players gang started out in 1979 by Daniel “Fro Daddy” Eugene in Washington Street and Vermont. They called a meeting with surrounding gangs to create a alliance. This alliance would be known as the Players. Eric being one of the most influence members he was tasked with the job of getting his area down. He made the deal that each gang could operate as a independent by creating a affiliation within a affiliation. This affiliation would be known as the Westside Family Players. They would fight along side other Player gangs such as Washington Street Players, Eastend Players, Victory Park Players, Outro Players, Courthouse Players and the Eastside Piru's. They would also sometimes collaborate with Mercy Streets. Other then that Players and Streets didn't have any affiliation at that time.

16th Street Goblins

Code Red Mob

Tunnel Point Block Boyz

Low Life

Young Mobsters

Mercy Street Affiliation

During 2005 Mercy Streets broke up into a affiliation branching out in parts of the city. Keith “Low Bridge” Bridgette moved on Washington Street Players territory. They would slit down the turf and eventually take it over all together. For no unknown reasons Washington Street Players disbanded and relocated major members to the east side of the city. The remaining members joined the closes allies or helped start Dangerous House Players. The close allies where the Westside Family Players who choose to continue to bang Players affiliation. The Family's and Dangerous House began to battle over the death of Leonel “Little Radio” Gates a member of the Westside Family Players. Outro Players and Eastend Players join forces to push and split Dangerous House territory up. With no choose Dangerous House dropped Player affiliations all together. As Washington Street Hustlers made they move to take over they attacked each and all Player gangs in surrounding area's in there territory. Not wanting to get into a war with a old ally they joined the Mercy Street Affiliation. With them joining the Mercy Street affiliation they would have to wage war with there old allies. Since then Players and Family have been at war with each other. The Family sub gang are often seen wearing green as a substitute for maroon. The family has 6 gangs that make up there family.


high to low

  • Minister (only for the member that sits in the cabin)
  • Kingster - 17 years active and beyond
  • Thugster - 13 years active to 16 years active
  • Gangster - 9 years active to 12 years active
  • Banger- 7 years active to 8 years active
  • Youngster - 4 years active to 6 years active
  • Runner - a year active to 3 years active

Minister isn't the highest but isn't the lowest. This rank is created for a member to sit and represent there interest with the cabin. Kingsters are the highest rank members and are respected as so. They lead the gang as a joint administration speaking and handing down orders through the Thugsters. Thugsters are the second highest and command the underlings. Gangsters serve as enforcers and street boss breaking groups down by 10 or 20. With the groups Gangsters better control their ever growing membership and presences. Bangers and Youngsters are placed as the role models and leaders of school yards as well as recruiters. Each rank under Thugsters is placed as soldiers as well.