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Montréal-Nord , better nkown as Montreal-North in english is a hood on the northside of montreal. Lately it has been on the rise and is also known as "The Bronx." right now it is arguably the most dangerous area in montreal, with HUGE gang activity and violence. The area has a high blood population and them and the Crips in Saint-Michel go at it a lot. Drugs is the main economy in the bronx, with the area being flooded with cocaine.

The area is occupied by mostly french-speaking residents, many haitians , but also many whites and immigrants.

Henri-Bourassa Road is a major street that serves into the area. Because the friendly city of Laval is just across the bridge, lately the number of visitors from laval coming to montreal has declined due to the lack of safety in traveling through Montreal-North to get in the city.

Montreal-North right now is a hot hot area in the city and is only growing

NORMANDY PLACE HOMES IN MTL-NORTH normandyplace-mtlnorth.jpg