Mornelle Court

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Mornelle Court is a low income community almost exclusively made up of low-rent apartment buildings located at the northeast corner of Ellesmere Road, just west of Morningside Avenue in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. There is a combination of single detached homes, row houses and high rise buildings in the area. The residential buildings in Mornelle Court range in height from 13 to 18 storeys, with the exception of a 4-storey townhouse complex at 100 Mornelle Court. There is an above average number of African, West Indian and Afro-Canadians living in this area with many other niches of different ethnic backgrounds that make this another of Toronto's diverse neighbourhoods. Crime has been a problem in Mornelle Court for some time with gun violence, theft, break-n-enters and drug trafficking being the most prevalent.


Cop Braved Tense Standoff in Mornelle Court

2 Men Shot in Mornelle Court

Man Shot Dead In Mornelle Ct.

Man Critical After East End Shooting

Man Dead in Mornelle Ct. Shooting