O.G. Original Gangster

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O.G. Original Gangster
LP by Ice-T
Released May 14, 1991
Genre Hip hop
Record Label Sire Records/Warner Bros.
Producer Ice-T, DJ Aladdin, Afrika Islam, and Bilal Bashir

O.G. Original Gangster is the fourth album by Ice-T. Released in 1991, the album has been praised by many as the artist's best album.

Track listing

  1. "Home of the Bodybag"
  2. "First Impression"
  3. "Ziplock"
  4. "Mic Contract"
  5. "Mind Over Matter"
  6. "New Jack Hustler"
  7. "Ed"
  8. "Bitches 2"
  9. "Straight up Nigga"
  10. "O.G. Original Gangster"
  11. "The House"
  12. "Evil E-What About Sex?""
  13. "Fly By"
  14. "Midnight"
  15. "Fried Chicken"
  16. "M.V.P.S."
  17. "Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous"
  18. "Body Count"
  19. "Prepared to Die"
  20. "Escape from the Killing Fields"
  21. "Street Killer"
  22. "Pulse of the Rhyme"
  23. "The Tower"
  24. "Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year"