Old Toronto

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"Old Toronto"



The Old City of Toronto refers to the City of Toronto, Canada, and its boundaries from 1967 to 1997. It is bounded by Bloor Street to the north, Lake Ontario to the south, Bayview Avenue - Don Valley Parkway to the east, and Bathurst Street to the west.


Downtown has a large population of residents. In recent years numerous large high-rise condominiums have sprung up throughout the area, catering to the growing number of people looking for a downtown living lifestyle. "The Fashion District" are (or were) used as marketing for the areas or by BIAs, this area is actually called "King-Spadina" by locals.


Bay Street is a street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the centre of Toronto's financial district and is often used by metonymy to refer to Canada's financial industry just as Wall Street is used in the United States and The City is in the United Kingdom.


From Bloor Street to the Harbourfront, from Little India to Korea Town, Old Toronto is this city's shining jewel internationally.



Alexandra Park, Bishop Tutu Blvd., Bleecker, Crombie Park, Don Mount Court, Esplanade, Regent Park, St. James Town, Moss Park, Parkdale


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