Organized Rhyme

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Organized Rhyme

Organized Rhyme was a short-lived Canadian hip-hop group based out of Ottawa renowned for its one commercial hit, "Check The O.R.", and because of the fame later achieved by one of its members, comedian Tom Green.

Organized Rhyme's musical formula consisted of three things: catchy beats, simplistic choruses and clever rhymes. That formula paid off: their first single, "Check The O.R.", was a hit in Canada and was nominated for a Juno Award in 1993 for Best Rap Recording, but lost to "Keep It Slammin'" by Devon.

The group broke up a short time later. Some blame the record label for wanting them to drop the comedic element of the group, but according to members of the group itself, they just couldn't stand each other anymore.

A dance remix of "Check The O.R." was released in 2000.


  • MC Bones (Tom Green) — is now a comedian who had a few television shows in Canada and the United States, and also released a rap album in the late 1990s as his alter ego MC Face.
  • Pin the Chameleon (Greg Campbell) — is a recording artist (as Mr. Bigstuff) and is also a producer.
  • DJ Signal (Geordie Ferguson) — is now a scientist.


  • Huh? Stiffenin' Against The Wall (1992) - featured the single "Check The O.R."