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[[Belly]], [[Cashtro]], [[Deuce-Deuce]], [[Diction]], [[DL Incognito]], [[Half-Sized Giants]], [[Khalifa]], [[Nine Planets]],  [[Niko Doughski]], [[S.C.R.I.P.T.]], [[SixOneThird]], [[Mischief]], [[Young G]] a.k.a. [[Young Jihad]],
[[Babble Goons]], [[Belly]], [[Cashtro]], [[Deuce-Deuce]], [[Diction]], [[DL Incognito]], [[Half-Sized Giants]], [[Khalifa]], [[Nine Planets]],  [[Niko Doughski]], [[S.C.R.I.P.T.]], [[SixOneThird]], [[Mischief]], [[Young G]] a.k.a. [[Young Jihad]],
== Professional Sports Teams ==
== Professional Sports Teams ==

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This article will include information on both Ottawa and Gatineau. Together the 2 cities make up what is called the National Capital Region.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the country's fourth largest city, as well as the second largest city in the province of Ontario. In 2005 the population of Ottawa was estimated at 860,928, while the population of the larger Census Metropolitan Area was estimated at 1,168,788, the National Capital Region (Ottawa/Gatineau) has a population of 1,451,415 during the last census (2006). Ottawa lies on the banks of the Ottawa River, a major waterway that forms the boundary between Ontario and Quebec.

Gatineau is the third largest city in the province of Quebec, and together with Ottawa makes up what is refered to as the National Capital Region. The population of Gatineau is listed at 242,124, the Census Metropolitan Area has a population of 282,627, while the National Capital Region has a population of 1,451,415. The city of Gatineau lies adjacent to the city of Ottawa seperated only by the Ottawa River. The 2 cities are connected by road, rail and ferry.

Area Codes

The National Capital Region is currently home to 2 area codes, and a 3rd is on its way in the near future. Currently Area Code 613 serves the Ontario side of the Ottawa River, and Area Code 819 serves the Quebec Side of the Ottawa River. In 1-2 years time the Ontario side of the Ottawa River will have a second area code added: 343.

Fuck The Police



The Ottawa Police have been accused of amid racial profiling amongst the cities visible minorities. In 2004, an 18-year old black teenager was driving home in his mothers Mercedes-Benz with his window down when an Ottawa Police officer immediately did a U-turn and began to follow him. The officer pulled over the teen for no apparent reason.

There have been several cases of alleged police brutality by members of the Ottawa Police services. Most notable, Constable Martin Cardinal was caught on camcorder banging a female's head on his cruiser. Cardinal was convicted, but ordered to rejoin the force. In 2005, yet another assault by members of the Ottawa police was recorded on camera. Constable Shane Henderson was caught on tape assaulting a civilian from Montreal at a Tim Hortons coffee shop. The case is still under investigation.

Ottawa Police Denies Racial Profiling

Business Man Brutalized by Ottawa Police

Police Shoot & Kill Suspect


Bayshore, Caldwell, Carlington, Cedarwood, Centertown, Debra-Dynes, Donald, Draper, Hunt Club Woods, Ledbury-Banff, Meadowbrook, Monterey, Mechanicsville, Overbrook, Penny/Michelle Heights, Queensdale, Rideau St., Ritchie-Ramsey, Russell, Sandlewood, Sandy Hill, Somerset St. W, Trappers, Uplands, Vanier, Walkley,


Asian Boyz, Asociacion Ñeta, A-Team, Cedarwood Crips, Central Park Click, Donald Project Gangstas, Gilder Boys, Hell's Angels, Ledbury-Banff Crips, Lowertown Militia, Overbrook Bloods, Overbrook Crips, Russell Ridaz, Sandlewood Crips, South Side Souljaz, Trappers Park Crew, Viet Boyz, VVT, West Side Bloods.

Defunct Gangs

Ace Crew, Double R Bloods, Southside Crips.


en_fallen_star.jpg 2007-09-22-graf.jpg EdvardMunchScreamAsGraffiti-PStill.JPG mediah07-ottawa-2006.jpg _1663263_ottawa_grafitti150.jpg

A city council committee wants Ottawa's anti-graffiti budget more than tripled next year to almost $2.5 million but was persuaded to save the city's two legal graffiti walls. The transportation and community and protective services committee unanimously endorsed a plan Thursday that would boost the city's $585,000 budget for graffiti prevention and removal by $1.9 million. But the plan was revised so it would not wipe out a wall downtown and one in the city's south where graffiti is allowed. The plan must go to full council for final approval. At Thursday's meeting, a number of speakers favoured cracking down harder on illegal, unwanted painting and scribbling on structures around the city that they say hurts tourism and civic pride. "Nail the little donkeys that are doing the damage," said Rob Sproule, chair of the city's business advisory committee, who said he is sick of the problem.


Babble Goons, Belly, Cashtro, Deuce-Deuce, Diction, DL Incognito, Half-Sized Giants, Khalifa, Nine Planets, Niko Doughski, S.C.R.I.P.T., SixOneThird, Mischief, Young G a.k.a. Young Jihad,

Professional Sports Teams


Ottawa is home to the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League.


Ottawa 67's a junior ice hockey team, that plays in Ontario Hockey League


Ottawa Rapids of the Can-Am Baseball League