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PADE Records

PADE Records is independently owned and operated record label founded by musician/promoter SK. SK was born in Berwick, Pennsylvania in 1985, a small rural town in Northeastern PA. In 1996, following the separation of his parents, SK moved with his mother and younger brother to Wilmington, Delaware, the state's largest city which is located 20 minutes south of Philadelphia on Interstate 95. In 1999, SK began battling on the "Philly Underground," a telephone chatline.

"Philly was bubbling around this time because Beans just signed with the ROC, Major Figgas had "Yeah That's Us", RAM Squad just dropped "Up In Here", and the Roots were really comin up, so I got a chance to spit with some hungry kids that new these dudes on this chat line. At first, I wasn't really fuckin' with em, but eventually I got hotter. I started screamin' that Delaware shit (because) that's where I was at, and that got respect because there wasn't a lot of Wilmington or New Castle cats that had a name out yet." (SK)

After a run in with the law in Delaware at 17, SK fled to Pennsylvania to avoid any sentencing he may receive. "I remember the run, and really, it was a few of the wildest months of my life. I mean, I was 17 gettin' money, more money than most people with 9-5's, so I'm feelin untouchable. Eventually I guess I was gettin too much money, and got re-arrested for some other shit, and being 17, and with it not being a violent drug offense, they could only keep me for a maximum of 9-12 months, with my Delaware sentence running concurrent. I did 10 ½, so I had a little bit of time to put my thoughts into words. It was this time that made my raps as real as they are today. I don't talk about Ki's or 20's on a car, cuz I never lived that. But I did live the street life at one point, and that's what you'll hear. A life of struggles and hustles, legit and not so legit. I mean, I went from jail to Penn State University for business, trying to use my abilities legally. So in every one of my newer verses, you'll hear the street shit, but you'll hear a little bit about trying to go change. But don't get it twisted, don't ever, ever forget where you came from."