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the Player gang

Founded In Washington Street and Vermont(America)

Founded By Daniel “Fro Daddy” Eugene

Years Active 1979-Present

Ethnicity Black

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Home Invasion, Murder, Street Protection and Drug Trafficking

Allies Eastside Pirus, Bloods gangs, Hoodlums gang, Alpine Families, Zoner Nation and Family Coalition

Rivals Mercy Street Families, Black Fase, Dangerous House Posse, Rough House Posse, Warriors gang, Cobra Heights Syndicate and Crips gang

Forming the Alliance

The Players were started by Daniel “Fro Daddy” Eugene in 1979 as a alliance with other smaller gangs, to combat against the aggressively expanding Glen Road alliance and Cobra Heights Syndicate. Daniel a leader of his own homegrown gang known as the Outro Players or simply Players. While attending a party he was jumped and left for dead by some Perdido Paraiso Gangsters a gang in the Glen Road alliance. He was later found that same night and was driven to a near by hospital. During his time recovering he plotted a plan to expand and secure a strangle hold on the westside of town. As well as the plan he made sure that a attack like that couldn't happen again. On his return back onto in 1985 the street he called a meeting with leaders of the Switches(Eric “C.C.” Classess), Falcon Street Juggernauts(Peter “Pete” Wolfe), Countless Baller$(Luther “H-Town” Flake Jr), the Yanks(Chris “Cutlass” Welch), No Face Bandits(Marvin “Snacks” Qumran) and 89th World(Jordan “Lighthouse” Taylor ). Each member would sit in the meeting voting on a way to combat and protect there territories. They choose to each take on the task to bring every gang under the banner of there newly formed alliance called the Players. They made a structure that each leader could hold respectable reign over there territories that they conquered. Most of the Original gangs changed there name and adopted the Player moniker. In time they would grow to a force with there own way of identifying themselves.

Glen Push Back

The Players was one of the must successful gangs that pushed back Glen off there territories. Many times Players and Mercy Street aligned themselves together to fight off Glen attacks. This alignment was only made during times of war when each others interest was the same. Other then that many Mercy Street and Players didn't get along but didn't beef neither. They had a mutual understanding. Players would only fight against Glen in the 90's during the time they expanded. When the Zoner Nation came to town Player's refused to go under the banner because they had would have to get along with Glen Road. In doing so many believe this was the vocal point of Mercy Streets dislike for the gang. Since then Glen Road has made a comeback with the release of Emanuel “Big Cesar” Lopez. In doing this many smaller gangs have formed smaller loose affiliation with one another. This is what brought on the Ruff House Posse affiliation with the gang.

Eastside Piru

Player gangs didn't at first mess with any outside gangs. But during there expanding in the eastside of the city they ran into newly formed Crip sets. During a BBQ at the park Crip members drove passed and fired shots in the air. No one was hurt but there message was heard loud in clear. Player members had long standing ties with the Bloods out in California so they formed a unofficial affiliation with the Eastside Piru's so they could better protect themselves. This unofficial affiliation grown strong till the point where some Player gangs we're tempt to merge with the Eastside Piru's. But talked died down of the merge in 1996. But since then Players and Piru's are seen as one of the same gang to many of the gangs.

Mercy Street Families Beef

In 2007 the Washington street Players gangs moved to the eastside of the city leaving behind territories that many gangs went to war over to claim for themselves. Many of the left behind Player members formed a newly fraction unsanctioned called Dangerous House Players. Other left behind gangs under the Players alliance included Westside Family Players, Eastend Players, Outro Players, Evening Center Players, Coco Players, Gangster Floor Street Players and Outlaw Players. As the Player gangs went to war exhausting there resources Mercy Street's Keith “Low Bridge” Bridgette stepped into fill the void with the newly formed Washington Street Hustlers. In disarray many Player gangs turned against the Eastside Player fractions. Taking advantage of there anger Mercy Street forced one of the Player's most powerful gang into submission making them adopt Mercy Street as there new alliance and making them drop the Player from there name. In doing Mercy Street Families has become a enemy of the Westside Player gangs.

Dangerous House Beef

During the pull out of Washington street Player's. Many members aligned or under them came together to form Dangerous House Players. Many Players hated the newly formed gang and felt they haven't earned the right to claim such a legendary territory and many didn't recognized them as Players. This rescindment grow to violence with the murdering of a Dangerous House member named Leonel “Little Radio” Gates. Dangerous first went after Westside Family Players. This action was meet with a overwhelming backing of Eastend Players, Outro Players, Evening Center Players, Coco Players, Gangster Floor Street Players and Outlaw Players. Dangerous House Players would fight eventually losing all territory on Washington Street. Dangerous House would relocate in the North dropping Player from there name and taking on a large Hispanic presences. Since there move in the North all Players have came together even the removed Family gang has came to take on the Dangerous House gang. This fight has resulted in the lost of 20 people.


Players are often seen wearing Red or Green, this has brought on the term for them to be known as the Christmas gang. They sport the hats of the Philadelphia Eagles. Members are required to be jumped in. They are also known to throw up P with there hands. This is done by extending there thumb. They curl there fingers in side there palm leaving a little space. If done right your fingers will make a capital P.

Player Alliance

Juggernaut Falcon Players(1980-Present)

904E street Dock City Players(2007-Present)

Eastend Players(1986-Present)

Outro Players(1979-Present)

Evening Center Players(1970-Present)

Coco Players(1986-Present)

International Street Players(2013- Present)

Westside Family Players(1980-2010-Present)

Washington Street Players(1985-2007)

Gangster Floor Street Players(1990-Present)

Dangerous House Players(2007-2011)

Outlaw Players(1987-Present)

Heaven Ridge Players(1982-Present)

(Eastcoast) Darkside Players(2007-Present)

910E Flip Rider Park Players(1991-Present)

Eastside Players(2007-Present)

916E Out Of Sight Players(1985-Present)

Corner Market Players(1996-Present)

Back n Forth Players(1988-Present)

Big Badd Azz Players(2008-Present)

Half Noon City Players(1994-Present)

Black Playette Players(2000-Present)

Original World Players(1984-Present)

Gangster Town Players(1982-Present)


  • General
  • Don
  • Block Captain
  • Area Boss
  • Crew Leader
  • Youngster
  • Baby Street Brat


Pack(Player Alliance Crew Killer)