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Point Blank (P.B.)



Point Blank is an underground rap crew hailing from Regent Park, Canada's first and largest housing project located in Toronto. Members include Trouble, Kidd, Stump, Jackal, RPD and Imperial with production done by Pikhed. The group has been on the grind since the 90's and in that time they're grassroots movement has built quite a following in the Toronto area. The group collectively founded and operates their own imprint label, Tilt Rock Records, which currently has a distribution agreement with Koch Entertainment Canada, one of the country's largest independent music distributors. Point Blank has released several singles and videos such as "Thin Line", "Want It Wit Us", and "Born and Raised in the Ghetto" (a 2007 MuchMusic Video Award nominee). Growing up together in Toronto’s Regent Park, Canada’s oldest and largest housing project, their music reflects the culture and social issues faced by many inner city youth. Issues such as single parenting, racial profiling, systemic poverty and police harassment are explored through their lyrics and beats.

"A grimey nigga studies his shit like an assignment" -- Point Blank


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