Queen Street Bloods

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The Queen Street Bloods (QSBG) are a small African American street gang from the Inglewood section of Los Angeles, California. They were sanctioned into the Blood Alliance by the larger Neighbor Hood Pirus in the 1980's. This gang has two subsets: the West Side (W/S) QSB and the other being on 76th street. The Queen Street Bloods territory is centered in the Queen Street and Inglewood Avenue area but incorporates surrounding blocks as well. They are allies of the Neighbor Hood Pirus and the Double II Bloods in Newark, New Jersey. Their enemies include the Raymond Avenue Crips, Osage Legend Crips, Inglewood Family Gang, 18th Street Gang and the Inglewood 13 Hispanic gang. The Westside Connection's Mack-10 has ties to this gang's area. The Queen Street Bloods is small compared to other Inglewood Bloods Gangs, but is active and known for going against larger gangs without hesitation. In 1993 a member of The Inglewood Queen Street Bloods, Tewhan “Massacre” Butler and Co founder Quadree “Trouble” Smith started a chapter of the Bloods called “Double II" Set in East Orange, New Jersey, the "double I" meaning From "Inglewood" to "Ill-Town".


Chokehold by Inglewood Officer Hospitalized Earlier Suspect