Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods

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The outlaws 20s on the east side of south central L.A. Outlaws is African-American gang that formed back in the 1960s.they had outlaws in the 30s called swat laws before blood stone pirus came along.they even had a clique in the 60 on the east side.they became bloods when the blood alliance was formed in 1972. Once a large gang,but now decimated.they are enemies with all crips,but main rivalry is with the east side trece.A Latino gang that populated and was ignored by the outlaws and now are fighting for control of the 20s on the east side.the outlaw 20s and the bloodstone pirus are very close allies.the west side rolling 20s neighborhood bloods are completely separate gangs.But are also allies under the blood alliance.