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The '''East Side''' '''(E/S)''' '''Santa Fe Mafia Crips''' are a [[Crip]] gang from [[Santa Fe Springs]], [[California]] founded in the early 1960s by childhood friends in '''Santa Fe High School''' as the '''Yellow Jackets'''. Their clicks are '''Bad Ass Niggas''', '''True Line''', '''Young Gunnas''', '''Hot Boys''', '''Hot Girls''', '''Real Line''', '''562 Island Crips''', '''Terradell Street Crips''', '''Bricc Mob''', '''Danby Ave Crips''' and '''Park Boys'''. Their territory is between the '''605 Freeway'''. on the west, '''Norwalk Blvd'''. on the east, '''Slauson Ave'''. on the north, and '''Telegraph Rd'''. on the south. Their main spot is in the [[Pioneer Gardens Housing Projects]] and '''Pioneer Blvd'''. Most of the gang is either now in jail, or dead, moved to another [[Crip]] neighborhood, or started cleaning up their lifes. Their allies are [[South Side Santa Fe 13]], and all [[Mafia Crips]]. Their rivals are [[Canta Ranas]] in [[Whittier]], [[California]], and [[Orange Street Locos]] in [[Norwalk]], [[California]]. Members of this gang are known to sport ''San Francisco Giants'' for the letters 'SF' to represnt ''Santa Fe'' along with the traditional [[Crips]] blue.

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