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The Up-Top Shoreham Crips (aka the Shoreshot Crips or Shoreham Gangster Crips) are a mid size territorial street gang founded in the Shoreham Court neighbourhood in North York's Jane and Finch community in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Shoreham Court is commonly referred to as "Shoreshot" by area residence, in reference to its sorted history pertaining to gun violence. Made up mainly of the children of immigrants from the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America, the Shoreham Crips were heavily influenced by Jamaican gang sub-culture during the 1980's with the influx of West Indian immigrants moving out of Toronto's inner city core and into the suburbs. The lure of belonging, status and the potential money from selling drugs or theft caused many of the children of these immigrants to choose membership within local crews. By the early 1990's, the youths within Jane and Finch began identifying themselves as Bloods in response to roaming rival Crip gangs from Rexdale who would constantly clash them at local clubs and public events. But the 1990's would unveil an even bigger threat than those from outside the Jane and Finch community had posed. Growing animosity between youth from Up-Top Jane and Finch and Down-Bottom began to manifest itself. By the mid to late 1990s, the beef became an all-out war between residence from Driftwood Court and Grassways with adjective neighbourhoods choosing allegiances. The Shoreham Crips fall under the Up-Top Crips card along with the Up-Top Driftwood Crips, who they share a deep rooted relationship with. Being cliqued up with the Driftwood Crips automatically made them rivals of The Lanes Crew, Y-Block Bloods gang and the South Side Connection Bloods. Other rivals include the Doomstown Rexdale Crips, Stovetop Rexdale Crips, O-Blocc Rexdale Crips and the Ardwick Blood Crew. Although considered extremely aggressive and violent by authorities, much like most Up-Top Crip sets, the Shoreham Crips lack effective top-down leadership. There is no system for redistributing income, as there is in more traditional organized crime syndicates, for example, and small cliques have more loyalty to one another than they do to the gang or their turf as a whole, thus making membership extremely fluid. Most members are of Jamaican, Hispanic or Somalian descent.


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