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  • Located in the Clifton neighborhood of [[Staten Island]], [[New York City]], the Park Hill Apartments are a privately-owned but federally-s ...bulk of the Park Hill neighborhood was built in the 1960s in keeping with New York City's plan for urban renewal projects. It consists of 15 acres of 5-s
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  • ...ity of people are simply working to raise families and find their way in a new country.
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  • ...pian immigrant families by the 1990's. In the relative tranquility of the new suburb, the subsidized homes in [[Jamestown]], a mix of row houses and a fe ...arner a subtle disdain by long time residence within [[Jamestown]] against new arrivals. For a number of years, conflict and tension between the West Ind
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  • ...erican Vernacular (slang) English hip hop slang. It first appeared in mass media in 2001 in a line by rapper Keith Murray in the song "Fatty Girl": "You got The term gained a new audience in 2005 from "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk", a chart-topper|chart-toppin
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  • owned by the [[TCHC]] and serves as a first time resident to many new Canadians from varying backgrounds. This community was built in the late 1
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  • '''Daniel Michael Johnson''' (born October 22, 1982 in [[Brooklyn]], [[New York]] United States) professionally known as The Untouchable DJ Drastic, i ...en Island in [[Staten Island]], [[New York]]. He majored in Communication, Media, and Performing Arts while enrolled at these institutions.
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  • ...ilers nationwide. The well-known US distributor Caroline Distribution from New York is in charge of the distribution. ...r 2006. American media was really curious about the label´s story. More US media outlets will follow and write stories.
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  • Born January 16th, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn, New York, she was raised in Detroit while also going home to New York frequently and eventually became a client with Abrams Artists. She gra
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  • ...areas. The manner in which they conduct themselves when confronted by the media is a total facade and a far cry from the disrespectful and almost intimidat ...7/cops-exploit-toronto-tragedy-how-state.html COPS EXPLOIT TORONTO TRAGEDY NEW!!!!]
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  • ...countries. The first official charter outside of the U.S. was formed in [[New Zealand]] in 1961. Europe did not become home to the [[Hell's Angels]] unti
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  • ...abundant sexual activity. It's based on a true lifestyle not like those of media propaganda on screen and this East L.A. native is mostly well known for his a significant figure in the development of Chicano rap music during the new millennium (2000), Knife debuted as an artist in 1999, prior to the release
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