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[[Maximum Kingdom]]
[[Maximum Kingdom]]
Black Fase
Young Knockouts
[[Don's gang]]
[[Don's gang]]

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Membership Unknown

Allies Crips, Bloods, Piru, and Nuestra Familia

Rivals Zoner Nation and Various gangs

Surface is a mixed ethic alliance that ranges from various crimes. They were founded in 2013 after being kicked out or leaving the Zoner Nation. They have since grown to a fighting force absorbing many of the Zoner Nation's rival into the fold. Their colors are black and gray. Members are known to wear San Francisco giants gear like their counterparts. Their structure is as followed

  • Minster
  • Godfather
  • President
  • Governor
  • Captain
  • Soldier

The Minster is the leader and Representative of his gang. Under the mister is the Godfather who helps advise the minster and acts as its right-hand. Under the Godfather is the president the leader of the his own territory which may consisted of a block, street or even a apartment complex. They are only rivaled in power by their own minster. The Governor is leader of his own unit or crew of soldiers which in turn is assisted by their captain who helps retain control amongst the soldiers.

Gangs that Make Up Surface


Insane Pain

Cobra Heights Syndicate

Maximum Kingdom

Young Knockouts

Don's gang

Alexander Park Hustlers

Condotta Mafia

No Wayout

Blue Tone

Full Force

Soldier Sity Saint's(Surviving Strong Struggles)