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The Official Unofficial Makaveli Network Forum dedicated to the late Tupac Shakur.

Keeping Tupac Legacy Alive One day at a time....

2Pac is in Cuba.. He's livin it up like a true thug! Man 2 Pac aint dead hes just restin his eyes

== 2Pac ==sup blud tu-pac u are deffently out there sum where i respect u so much ur like my un forgetable bruv wake up u need to open ur eyes and realise wot ur missin out on there are so many ppl out ere in the uk who respect u so much bruv plz come bk 2Pac, one of the best rappers ever! Hope you still alive man!

WEST SIDE!!!!! 2pac man plz come out and amaze us we all miss u an u my idol man i dont know if your mom knows but if u r alive comeback soon cause am ure biggest fan i know your moms nameafeni shakur yours tupac amaru shakur remeber thisname if u ever read this we all miss u man an especially your mom OUTLAW,MAKEVELIE,WESTSIDE

Yo man, let the man rest in piece already, he's D-E-A-D. He was good and everything, but leave him be. Yeah, crank out his tunes once in a while, but don't go around making conspiracy theories and sh*t like that. Besides....I saw Big L ridin' his bike down my street yesterday. I knew he was alive. Aight, all joking aside:

"laughable myth" is pretty accurate. I actually thought he was pretty good once, then people did the same thing to him that they did with Cobain, only times ten. They made it seem like he was much better than he ever actually was, then once he was overhyped they overplayed the few decent songs he made.

no really....

Tupac, Morrision, Lennon, Hendrix and Buddy Holly are all living in a house in northern Yemen

they couldnt cope with their fame.........