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Watup Jody Breeze me nuthin just chillin but anywayz I know you are going to go far in your career if you keep doing the things you are doing and don't slack off.Don't let people tell you who you are be who you want to be and don't go down the wrong road like most of these rappers out here and go off and do something you aren't suppose to and think that you are going to get away with it just because you are famous.But you are sexy though and just fine as can be. Anywayz you should take this advice and keep it with you.

Jacoby/Jody is a very talented freestylist and writer. Their group raps about real nigga shit and brings their lyrics straight from the street life. I'm a female and I am more into r&b and slow jams, but when I seen Jody on t.v. not only did he catch my attention but their words did too! They will go far as a group and solo rappers. But Jody being that now you have a BIG responsibility I think you should get right in school and get some type of degree in music so that when hardships in your rapp game get a tad bit too rough you'll have something to lean on. You are once again I must say very talented so stay focused make that bread be an awesome father and get an education! Holla back @ me if it is possible. SLMREDDSXY813@AOL.COM

Jody. Damn u r so FINE. Keep ya head up. i wanna give u n ya boyz a congratz on ya lastest song "DEM BOYZ". Love it. i wish u and ya boyz da best of luck. Even though u aint from da good 215 (Philly HOLLA), neva forget ya roots and where u came from. Most niggas get money and its like f*** it. they forget their friends and family. Ya mean. But u n ya boyz is the shit now. SCREAM @ ME E-Z. CARAMELCHICK215@AOL.COM