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Its yo boy San P. Comin straight out ALABAMA repin dat Crime Payz Ent. ya boy jeezy real than tha realest and dats real talk!

2 be real wit all these commercial rappers fake ass niggaz studio gangstaz JEEZY is the Realist Nigga Wit Dis rap shit Cause I'm from the Block ill be on that bitch in a minute and these other niggaz just aint real and thats REAL TALK . Real recognize Real CRACK TOWN 601 M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I 601 Real Street Nigga

Jeezy is all over the south now. I think him and T.I. are going to end up being a competetive set. Jeezy and his group rapps real life gangsta hood. They don't got Trick, but they are growing to be the group kings of the south. Jeezy be flowing and now in days half the world can relate to what him and his group tend to preach about. Jeezy will be going far in the Rapp game. Already by himself he has topped over 15 rappers in the music industries. Man Jeezy just stay focused, keep collaborating, and keep being real.Holla back @ me if possible.

f**k that nigga i think that nigga is over rated like a mother fu**er i put any thing on it dat ill kill that nigga with folws and dont ever compare hi to TI. so find that chup a** nigga and tell him holla at cha boy

Jeezy is tha realist hands down! He finna Really get it Fa tha south Fa'sho

Da boy Jeezy iz da realest nigga livin right nah he got dis rap shit sowed up dat nigga keep it trill and gangsta at da same so any body who think jeezy aint da truth yall niggas need to go kill yall self.

First off...niggaz who hate are niggaz just hatin on themselves "fagot ass niggaz" are what they're called. Jeezy is a hood nigga just like all other hood niggaz (blood, crip, etc..) that's trying to get the fuck out the hood. If that nigga shit tight or not...he a hood nigga that got the fuck out the hood and has millions in the bank now to laugh at you niggaz...ha. All you other niggaz talkin (why you ain't heard of yet)??? Also...FUCK M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I...and CRACK TOWN 601 Real Street Nigga or whatever da fuck you said. You know how us TEXAS niggaz do it...ha.