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Thorncliffe Park is a densely populated, multicultural neighbourhood in central east Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the former Borough of East York. It is commonly considered to be bounded on the east by the Don River, on the west by Millwood Road, on the north by Wicksteed Avenue and Research Road, and on the northwest by a railway track between Millwood and Wicksteed. However, the official Community Planning Area named Thorncliffe Park includes the neighbourhood to the north of the railway tracks, east of Laird Avenue, south of Eglinton Ave. East, and west of the Don River. Thorncliffe Park has both an industrial and a residential section. The residential section is in the south, and consists chiefly of 34 high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings grouped in and around a rough oval with Overlea Boulevard dividing Thorncliffe Park Drive. The residential section of Thorncliffe Park was originally designed as a planned community for 12,500 residents, but now houses 30,000. Although the neighbourhood is known for its low income and high unemployment, the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper reported in 2004 that it had a low crime rate. In 2001, immigrants constituted 66% of the population of the Community Planning Area, and recent immigrants constituted 87%. Twenty-eight per cent of the residents spoke a language other than English or French at home, with the most frequent being Urdu and Gujarati. In Toronto as a whole, immigrants constituted only 49% of the population, and recent immigrants only 11%; only 19% spoke a language other than English or French at home. Median household income in 2001 was $38,404 Cdn.; the median income in the entire city was $45,251. Twelve per cent of the families in the Community Planning Area were officially classified as having low household incomes, while 5% of the families throughout Toronto were so classified. While many religious backgrounds are represented in Thorncliffe Park, Islam is a majority in the neighbourhood. This is reflected in various mosques, halal groceries and after school Quranic teaching (Madrassah). The area is the largest muslim area in Canada.


Thorncliffe Park


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