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== Eastside Torrance 13 ==

Varrio Eastside Torrance13 is hispanic gang located in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles County in the city of Torrance ,Ca . The gangs territory is between 223rd St(south),Sepulveda Blvd(north), Western Ave(West) And Normandie Ave(East).There main rival would be Harbor City Rifas And the Harbor City Crips both located North of their turf. They also have conflicts with 204st, Tortilla Flats , La Rana ,Centro Torrance ,Rollin 20's Crips,Dodge City Crip, and the Mac Mafia Crips.The gang has 4 clicks the ranges by generations of the gang. The clicks would include The Pee Wees(1st Generation),Lokas(1st female Generation)Diablos(2nd Generation),Lil Rascals(3rd Generation)and The Malditas(2nd Females Generation).The gangs color are Grey & Black they also wear Carolina Panthers Atire. The gang write CK which stands for crab killer and friendly towards Longos 13 , Scott Park Bloods ,Carson 13 , Gardena 13and Wilmas 13 both Westside & Eastside