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Vancouver a.k.a. Van City aka Olympic City is a city in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver metropolitan area has a population of 2,180,737 (2006 estimate), it is the largest metropolitan area in western Canada and the third largest in the country. The population of Vancouver proper is 587,891. Vancouver has a very ethnically diverse population: more than half of its residents have a mother tongue other than English.

downtowneast.jpg East End





Rascalz, Swollen Members, Caine, Defenders Of The Faith

Swollen Members swollen-members.jpg

Caine 5674467168_f21d32a90c_m.jpg

Rascalz defimage1.jpg

Defenders Of The Faith 21779103.jpg


Maclean Park (Chinatown), Raymur Place (Chinatown), Skeena Terrace aka Skeena Projects, Little Mountain (33rd & Main), Champlain Heights aka CPL, Cottonwood (Coquitlam), East Hastings & Main East Van


Organized Crime

14K Triad, 18th Street Gang, Big Circle Boys, Born To Kill, Dhak Duhre Gang, Game Tight Soldiers, Hells Angels, Independent Soldiers, Night Crawlers, Persian Pride, Redd Alert, Red Scorpions, Shui-Fung Triads, United Nations, The Greeks Gang, The Lotus Gang, West Coast Players, Wo On Lok Triads

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Major Sports Teams

Vancouver Canucks canucks-bwg-logo.jpg

British Columbia Lions


Vancouver Titans

Vancouver British Columbia- I.T.L. International Basketball League

titans_logo.gif langleyscores_1.jpg