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the Warriors gang

Years Active 1974(reorganized in 2011) – Present

Territory Glen Apartment Housing Projects on 19th Road, Bill Street south of Glen Road and west of Taylor Boulevard, 39th and Harlem Avenue, 15th Street and Wormy Road and 12th Street

Ethnicity Mostly Latin-American, White and Black

Membership 800+

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Home Invasion, Murder and Drug Trafficking

Allies Zoner Nation and Cobra Heights Syndicate

Rivals the Hoodlums Gang, the Players Gang, 300 Peter Street Squad, Eric Town Saints and Mercy Street Families


The Warriors started as the Glen Affiliation but reorganized as the Warriors. They are a collection of gangs that represent under the Warriors umbra. They we're started as the Glen Road Alliances in 1985 with the expanding and taking over of Tiny's, Ninth Point Street Loco's, Perdido Paraiso Gangsters and Solado gang. They would rise to a membership of 13,000+, but declined in 1998 with the imprisonment of founder Emanuel Lopez to a membership of 250 with most gangs breaking away from the Glen Alliances to start there own or work independent. Hoping to gain a stronger presences in the city they created off springs with the help of Bill Street. They would call a meeting of all gang leaders on the topic of change. They would reorganize there affiliation to the Warrior's Gang Alliances. This change has caused a lot of issues with pasted leaders but this has not stopped there plan to expand the name of the Warriors. They have since made more alliances with gangs.

19 Glen Road

After the buy out of the Hoodlums building. The banks would demolish and build public housing projects. The projects would give way to a flock of African-American and Latin-American seeking better jobs and education. Carlos Herndaz moved into the projects in 1974. To combat the influence of the Hands gang(African-American). Carlos started his own and named his gang the Brothers. Carlos would lead his gang up until the 1980's. Carlos was shot to death in a parked car. Emanuel “Big Cesar” Lopez assumed leadership. He took over unchallenged by other members ,he would renamed the gang the Lopez Brothers. The gang would declare war on all gangs such as the Hands gang, Mercy Street gang and the Baby Black Posse. But they fought mainly with the Hands gang. In 1985 the banks was knocking down sections of the projects to expand on new city housing's and parks. The leaders of the gangs in the projects called a meeting. They would form two separate super gangs and split the remaining projects at the time down amongst themselves. The Lopez Brothers gained 60 percent of the projects and in celebration they renamed their gang after the new name of the projects (Glen Garden Apartments) Glen Road Projects. During this time another newly formed gang going by Bill Street Warriors started by Carlos “Chino” Nelson. They would form a alliance 3 years later. Before then Emanuel began expanding outside of his turf engulfing neighborhood gangs such as the Tiny's, Ninth Point Street Loco's, Perdido Paraiso Gangsters and Solado. By 1996 Glen would expand their influence to a membership of 13,000+. Glen felt they we're strong enough to lead a full blown war against the Hoodlums and other rivals. This war would break their peace deal made in 1985 with the Hoodlums. The city stepped up efforts to bring every major gang leader to jail to stop further bloodshed. Emanuel was arrest in his home in Glen Garden Apartments. With the arrest of Emanuel and other leaders smaller gangs began waging war against them pushing Glen back into there projects. By 2001 they we're down to a surrounding area of rivals on 19th street. This would give them there curtain name 19th Glen Road Projects. To help them substance their power they made a deal with the Cobra Heights Syndicate. The Cobra Heights would supply Glen with a backing of 1,000 reserved members whenever asked. And return for that Glen would back them up in jail's as well as giving them 10 percent of there gang earnings. By 2010 the Hoodlum's gang allies Mercy Street gang which they gained during Emanuel's War offered them to join a umbra to empower their flow of money and membership. Through connections with Hoodie Holo(Holo218 Families) they agreed to form a affliction behind Holo218 and then the 55 Syndicate. Mercy then extend a offer to the Cobra Heights. Cobra accepted which meant Glen had to follow. Joining this affliction Glen began suffering financial since they had to pay dues to the 55 Syndicate and Cobra Heights. Glen called a meeting of allies. These allies range in names of Bill Street Warriors, Harlem Hustlers, 12th Street Youngsters and 15th Street Wormy Road Hustlers. At the time they all was under the 19 Glen Road umbra and worked independently. At the meeting they discussed rivalries money issues and other topic's. One of the topic's they all agreed to was to fully completely join as one under the Warrior name. They would stop working independently but work together on major events such as money and rivals. They restructured their hierarchy to fit the cabin structure. They also changed attire to universally all wear the Golden State Warriors. The only gang that doesn't share in this is the 19 Glen Road gang. Since this meeting Emanuel has come back home and it's unknown if he's via for his old position.

Bill Street Warrior's

Bill Street Warrior's started in 1986 by founder Carlos “Chino” Nelson. Nelson started it in the interested of protecting his neighborhood and the kids there. He banded the kids together and organized them. His gang stayed out of the fighting amongst the street gangs and drug dealing for 3 years. As they grow in membership it began to be hard for Nelson to run his gang. He would run the gang through jail with the help of Eduardo “Scarface” Blanco. Blanco expand the gang in drugs and human trafficking. This would place the gang out of the natural zone and into battles with other gangs. When Carlos released out of jail he was torn between keeping his moral and his gang happy. At that time Emanuel “Big Cesar” Lopez was expanding his gang Glen Road Projects. Lopez simple told Nelson either get down with Glen Road or disband. Nelson out numbered, negotiate a deal with Lopez. Lopez allowed Nelson to keep running his gang and let them keep there gang name. Lopez used Nelson to make more affiliation with gangs that wouldn't align under the Glen banner. During the cities crack down on gang activities Carlos was surviving time for a traffic violation. They would add charges to his sentence putting him behind bars until 2014. Blanco and others also would be imprisoned the following year. This pushed Bill Street to survive in the backdrop watching there banner be engulfed by rivals. They would still follow there founders orders in the years to come when he ordered them to expand the gang into other parts. They would create Harlem Hustler Warriors a large black gang. 12th Street Youngster Warriors a mixed of white and black members, and 15th Street Wormy Road Hustler Warriors a mixed of Hispanic and black gang members. They would use these created gangs to save Glen Road as well as insert there power. When Glen Road banded together with Holo Families, they began suffering financially and called a meeting with all there Glen Road parts. The Warriors(Bill Street) took this opportunity at the meeting to take there bid as major. All parts voted to this, this effect allowed Nelson founder to call the shots when released. But this also has caused problems between Glen founder Lopez who has since been release and is taking up his bid to reclaim his leadership role.

Perdido Paraiso Gangster

The Perdido Paraiso Gangster were started in 1966 by Marcos “Blanket” Acosta as the Garden Vato's at the Paradise Garden Apartments. They are thought to have been started by Marcos and a group of friends for the purpose of protection, hanging out and tagging. They grow from a membership of 6 to 15 when other Hispanic's ran to the group for protection. They would use this to there advantage starting a protection racket in the Garden pushing many outsiders out. By the 1970's the Garden Vatos spread to a membership of 80. They would use there new found membership to expand into close by areas such as Plaza Paradise Cr and a ten block stretch with Paradise street. Many other Hispanic gangs controlled these areas. Marcos would establish a alliance known as the Perdido Paraiso Gangster. All of the gangs apart of the alliance would drop there original names and adopt Perdido Paraiso Gangster as there name by the 80's. Perdido Paraiso Gangsters expand operations from petty crimes into lucrative ventures such as prostitution and prison drug trade. Marcos would be imprisoned and his second in command Daniel “Droopy” Garcia would take command of the gang funneling Marcos orders to the gang. Daniel would organized the crews into a massive gang known as the Perdido Paraiso Gangsters. This marge secured a membership of 300 members. With the marge came enemies. Perdido's captain Eric “Daylight” Trejo of Lot 1(Paradise Street, block 1 intersection with Brook Ave and Diner Road) was attacked by Baby Black Posse. They would retaliate a day later leaving 4 of the Baby Black Posse members injured. This beef would heat up with the release of Marcos in 1982. Marcos would use Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 5 to pull out a attack on the Baby Black Posse territories. This attack would leave 3 dead and 16 injured. This attack held many of the surrounding enemies at bay for months. Perdido's would use this time to further expand into the arms trafficking racket and street tax. By 1985 Perdido's where in a losing war against Emanuel's Glen Road gang. To keep from breaking up there gang Marcos agreed to become allies of the Glen Road gang. Emanuel would use Perdido's gun connections and membership to push his will on smaller gangs engulfing them into his alliance. Marcos would die in 1988 while serving time in prison. Daniel would step up as leader and slowly push against Glen Road by starting smaller crews around the city. This smaller crews were saved by claiming the umbra of the Perdido's. In 1993 Perdido's would use these smaller crews to drain the once powerful Glen Road gang by attacking and creating toe holds in there territories. Perdido's would gain there independent in 1995 with the collapse of Parker Street. Parker Street was a strong hold for many Glen Road members with there departure from the area, Perdido's was granted there independent with the blessing of a imprisoned bitter Emanuel. With there independent Perdido's began to rebuild back with the reorganizing of Paradise Gardens. Daniel by then imprisoned from the massive gang leader sweep blessed Samuel “Angel” Hernandez as temporary leader. Samuel would follow Daniel orders for a year until bypassing and eventual taking solo command of the gang. Daniel would have Samuel murdered and reinstall himself as leader. In 2004 Daniel would die of cancer while imprisoned. No-one would step up to fill his slot the gang would create a network of leaders that worked together as a joint ruling panel known as the Lot House. In 2011 Perdido agreed to join Warriors alliance in the purpose of eliminating the Lagoon and Hearts gang just as well as maximizing in connections to other cities. This move was meet with many of the ex allies of the original alliance to come back together. But with the agreement that each crew is given the room to operated as wished. With this the Warriors has rose as the fifth largest gang in the Zoner Nation surpassing the the Hoodlums in membership.

The Weirdo's

The Weirdo's where started as the Central Boys in the 1970's. They were reinforced by the No No Clan a California based Asian gang. They would crumble during the 1990's black and brown fighting between the 19 Glen Road and Mercy Street gang wars. They would reform themselves in the late 2000's as the Weirdo's. In the 1970's The Central Boys membership grow from the growing presence of Chino immigration. Many older Hispanic gangs denied them access to there ranks and would pick on them. So kids grouped together and created Central Boys. They would form on Central and Pine. Many members shared Hispanic background but two of there founders where black and served as the bridge for many black allies. In 1982 from there growing strength leaders created 9 based territories with the blessing of sub leaders such as Roberto. The known 9 territories are Money Maze Loco's, Central Block Boys, Mini Central Gunners, Lemon Street Central Loco's, Ninth Point Central Street Loco's, The Escapes and Central Body Soldiers. There elected sub leaders were Johnathon “Young Jersey” Rome(Central Block Boys), Danny “Scarface” Marquita(Money Maze Loco's), Vincent “Baby Project” Whitney (The Escapes), Geronimo “Devil Fase” Delacruz(Mini Central Gunners), and Roberto “Tubby” Lopez(Lemon Street Central Loco's). They these card would control a membership of 50+, and doing so they began the manufacturing and trafficking of PCP in 1985. With the war between the might Glen Road erupting in there backyard they were given a chose either join under the banner or disband. If they choose to join they'd have to give up a quarter of there membership since it was black. Instead they choose to fight back with the murdering of a Glen Road lieutenant named Easter Kid. They also stroke a week later with the stabbing of a Perdido Paraiso Gangster. Glen Road wouldn't strike back until a month later with the full assault and overwhelming of the Ninth Point Central Street Loco's. Emanuel would use Taylor Asesinato y Orgullo and Santana Barrio Posse Loco's to bring Nine Point Central Street Loco's to submit and align themselves under the Glen Affiliation. Outraged the Central Boys would create a unofficial alliance with the much powerful No No Clan. They would help smuggling in gun and supply Mercy Street. In 1988 co-founder Alpo “Half-Dot” Kali was shoot before they could retaliate they're Asian connection was arrest and deported back to Asia. Many of the Central Boy's began getting arrested or overdosing on PCP. Membership would die down in 1991 with the murder of Roberto “Tubby” Lopez. In 2003 a peace BBQ was held at Darryl F. Case Park. Talks began of a take over of there unrepresented territories. Before any gang could lay claim Roberto's cousin Alberto “Lil Ant” Lopez called a quite meeting with the collected territories small crews. He reorganized them into the Weirdo's quickly making affiliation with the Bill Street Warriors. In honor of this new founded affiliation they we're invited at the meeting which change the name from Glen Road Affiliation to Warriors Affiliation.

Glen Road Alliances(1985-1996)

Glen Road Projects

Tiny's gang

Ninth Point Street Loco's

Perdido Paraiso Gangsters

Bill Street Warrior's

Solado gang

Benedicto Poder

X Double I Desirae

6th Drive Bone gang

Taylor Asesinato y Orgullo

Santana Barrio Posse Loco's

Glen Road Alliances(1999-2001)

19th Glen Road Projects

Bill Street Warrior's

Harlem Hustlers

12th Street Youngsters

15th Street Wormy Road Hustlers

Warrior's Alliances(2011-Present)

19th Glen Road Projects Warrior's

Bill Street Warrior's

Harlem Hustlers Warrior's

12th Street Youngsters Warrior's

15th Street Wormy Road Hustlers Warrior's

Reunion Street Warrior's

Black Block Crew Warrior's

Perdido Paraiso Gangsters

The Weirdo's

Solado gang

Benedicto Poder

X Double I Desirae

6th Drive Bone gang

Taylor Asesinato y Orgullo

Santana Barrio Posse Loco's

Dinero, Poder y Respeto

Ejército de Resistencia

Niño de la Guerra

Guerrero Reino

Perdido Varrio


The Warriors often wear white or blue attire. Glen are the only gang that is seen wearing green. They also tattoo 23 on there skin to show there affiliation with the warriors. 23 is also W in the alphabet. Every member calls each other warrior. They also sport there logo of a snake hanging off of the ring and middle finger displaying the west-side gang sign. They also use this gang sign as theirs to throw up the W for Warrior's. But other then the universal W they each have their own independent gang sign.


  • General
  • Lieutenant
  • Finance Adviser
  • Chief
  • Street Chief
  • Junior
  • Brat

The Warriors Gang structure ranges from age to how long they’ve been active. The highest rank a person can achieve is general. The general is the leader of all Warrior fractions under their banner. To gain this rank they most be the oldest serving active member of all the fractions or voted in by a vote of all the subdivisions leaders under their banner. Under the general are the lieutenants. The lieutenant’s are the sub leaders of each sub division. They have independent control over they division gang, but they all answer to the general. Under the lieutenant’s are the finance advisers. The finance advisers help protects the organization interests. Under the finance advisers are chiefs who most have served the gang for 11 years active all the way to life. The there are the street chiefs who have been active for a year to ten years. Juniors are 13 years of age through 19 years old; from there they began the count down to advancing to higher levels. Brats are the lowest and range from a year old all the way through 12 years old.