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'''Rivals''' Various gangs
'''Rivals''' [[Surface]], Casa, Dangerous House Posse, Rough House Posse, Hoe Hop, White [[I.N.K.]], Pure Ones, Various gangs
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[[Maximum Kingdom]]
[[Maximum Kingdom]]

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Zoner Nation

Founded In Atlanta, Georgia

Founded By Isaiah "Zeke/Zeus" Moore, LeSteve "Lil Red Dawg" Wright III, Rome "Little Pockets" Melrose, Barry "Bay" Sanders, Manny "Capo" Alomar, Jeramie "Brown Brush" Ortiz, Robert "Loney Low" Santana, John "Sixer-I" Bobby, Raymond "Pistol" Zachary IIII, Quentin "Beanie" Lucas and Omar "O-Deep" Douglas

Years Active 2009-present

Territory Nationwide

Ethnicity Mixed

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Racketeering, Sex Exchange, Illegal Street Racing, Union Control, Robbery, Hijacking, Contract Killing, Bookmaking, Home Invasion, Murder, Gun Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, Extortion, Street Protection, Illegal Gambling, Mail Fraud, Assault, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering, Pornography, Identity Theft, Conspiracy, Sex Escort, Human Trafficking, Dog Fighting and Drug Trafficking.

Allies Zoe Pound, Black Guerrilla Family, People Nation, Folk Nation, Bloods, Piru, Crips, Hoover Criminals and the Invisible Hand

Rivals Surface, Casa, Dangerous House Posse, Rough House Posse, Hoe Hop, White I.N.K., Pure Ones, Various gangs

The group is commonly known as 55 Syndicate. But has recently change that into the 55 Zoner Nation. Named from there loose affiliation with one another. They were first formed in the pursuit to maximize opportunity's to gain money through joint business ventures. Holo first tried to reorganize the fractions by placing them under their banner. But found it hard to create a structure that fit each fractions membership. Zeus then a retired member of Holo proposes to set up a system similar to the I.M.T.'s. So they created a board of each fractions leaders that would be known as the "Cabin". Lil Red Dawg then created a charter for each ruling member to sign. So far they are only 10 fractions under the Zoner banner in 3 outside fractions collectively known as the Invisible Hand. So far they are bent on keeping their independents from other major gangs. These are the major fractions.

Major Families


The Cabin is made up of each leader representing the interest of there family and actives. With a chairman of the board acting on the interest of all the families. Under all them are the families that the leaders control. To be a member a serving family most have a seat in the cabin. They then most vote and accept you as a leader or at lease a representative for the family you represent. You then go through a ceremony before being a active member. Serving members have say on what direction a family can head. They also hold power on who can rise as members as well as laws. They mostly meet up on lucrative business deals to discus on how to split the funds peaceful among the families or problems that can effect the integrity of the Zoner Nation. The chairman of the board or “Big Homey/Universal Leader” as person would be known get a share of all profits even if they are not apart of the operation. There is no amount of how long a person can serve as a member of the cabin but they can be voted out of there position. This was first done to the Pee Wee's after the Zoner war. There is said has since been 3 cabin bodies formed, One in America, another in Mexico and the last in Asia. Since Pee Wee Mafia's kick-out they've helped set up a side cabin which is still under the cabin but acts on the interest of organization and touching areas that the rest of cabin couldn't. Other then that the Invisible Hand and the Cabin work independently on other disputes.

the Cabin Families

Black Squad Mafia Holo Families

Mercy Street Families

Hoodlums gang

Warriors gang

Alpine Families

Players gang

Almighty Infamous Outlaws

Invisible Hand


the Invisible Hand was started in the interest to handle outside connections of the Zoner Nation. Just as well as in the interest to increase their families income. This idea was first brought to the LaManzella-Babilonie crime family during the time they we're being proposed for a sit in the cabin. To help organize the group better they created a splitter organization with the Biennessey crime family and Pee Wee mafia. They have since grown through there ranks and into joint cities building off of each others business mastering a greater flow of money. They have also kept friendly relations with other mafia families.


They have continued to honor the mafia's law of a made men ceremony. They only changed the structure of there families to suit there growing membership. Adding a extra position to the family. This position is known as the Stato Capo. This was create to place a street boss as a state boss or overseer of operations for families businesses outside of their regular jurisdictions. This role is only design to fit the role of a acting underboss in other states. But they all share the traditional mafia chain of command. To be inducted into their families a associate most be sponsor by one of each of the families. After they have proven their creditability to the boss. The inductee is then called for a sit down, where they would conduct the ceremony. The ceremony is held in a dark room surround by each boss their consigliere and underbosses. The inductee is given the mafia oath of silence known as Omerta. From there the inductee is given a godfather and boss in the form of a number written on a piece of paper. This is done to let every family all members in there inter circle and allies. As a full member they are given the protection and backing of there family powers. This has also given each families a stronger bond.

the Invisible Hand Families

Pee Wee Mafia

LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family

Biennessy Crime Family


The Zoners rep in their own way but has a collection of symbols to identify them. The eight point star, the vulture, heraldry, the numbers 88 and the titled banner names. They also rep in teams and colors. They use a system of hand signs and an ever-changing language. They have created their own personal font that members use to communicate with one another. Unlike most independent or major gangs they don't have a requirement to rep on a certain side. They are known to favor the colors hazel(green, brown), black, white and orange. They are also seen wearing Baltimore Orioles attire, Boston Bruins attires and other clothing that helps identify their selves as Zoner Nation, but they also wear independent teams to rep themselves. Some members feel that this is a large step up as well as distancing themselves from street level notoriety. This effect has made it harder for police to recognize members. Holo being so secretive has also decline in repping in territory but hasn't decline in expanding. By doing so members are forbidden to wall bang in their territory. While in other fractions they are encourage to wall bang such as Mercy Streets or Hoodlums. Mostly every fraction call each other "Zone" but Holo seems to be the ruling fraction, but isn't the largest or most powerful.


The Cabin or IMT are a collection of all the leaders of each fraction gather together to rule on matters of conflicts and advancements to earn power and money for each fraction. This fraction is headed by a chairman known as the universal leader or "big homey". Under the universal leader are the leaders making an admonition known as the "cabin". The role of a universal leader is to control each aspect of the Zoner Nation's laws and restrictions as well as not acting on the interest of one fraction but in the interest of growth and securing finance. While consolidating territory and settling disputes between the fractions within the affiliation. He most also make sure no one leader rise above the next but instead keep them equal amongst themselves. To obtain this position a person most be voted in by the cabin. There is no time limit on how long a person can serve as universal leader. But they can be voted out, or if sent to jail for a long term they are quickly replace. As universal leader they are paid in tribe by all fractions. They also have final say and is much powerful then any leader but not cabin.


To be apart of a Zoner Nation fraction varies from a jump in to putting work in until their ready to allow you inter into the fraction. But most are adopting Holo rule and are requiring every prospect to put in a large amount of work until their leader feels they have proven themselves worthy of joining. From there the prospect will be given a blood oath. While in other circles like the Warriors fraction remain to jump in there members.

Split Affiliations

Since Omar "Lil Foot" Canon was elected into the highest position the joint families have split into two affiliations the Family Coalition which was brought over by the Alpines. The members that seat into the Family Coalition are Alpine Families, Mercy Street Families and the newly renamed Black Squad Mafia Holo Families. The other is called Lifers which consisted of Warriors (War Life), Hoodlums (Hood Life), Players (Player Life) and finally the Almighty Infamous Outlaws (Outlaw Life).


Omar “Lil Foot” Canon (Universal Leader)

Andretti “Mandingo” Carmen Jr. (Almighty Infamous Outlaws)

Broderick “Sliver Rock” Valentine (Alpine Families)

Tyree “Zoowey Twiz” Higgins III (Black Squad Mafia Holo Families)

Merlin “Candy” Busch (Hoodlums gang)

Bryan “New Money” Lucas (Mercy Street Families)

Jerrod “Donald” Ingram (Players gang)

Cleo “Bat Dog” Enriquez (Warriors gang)


Cobra Heights Syndicate

Condotta Mafia

the Don's gang

Alexander Park Hustlers

Maximum Kingdom




Insane Pain

Black Fase

Dangerous House Posse

Rough House Posse

No Wayout

Blue Tone

Full Force

Soldier Sity Saint's(Surviving Strong Struggles)

Hoe Hop

White I.N.K.

Pure Ones

the Unknown's

the Nation

September Gang